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Bet your boots

Yesterday we went to Topeka, Kansas and visited the new Discovery Center. The Children's Discovery Center is a child-orientated, hands-on building designed to enhance the learning of little ones. From interactive exhibits, to Legos, to wall painting, to woodworking- the Discovery Center has it all.

Or, in simpler terms, it's a kick-ass play place. 

While we were there, the building was hosting a Milk for Thought event. Milk for Thought is a nation-wide program designed to bring together and provide support for breastfeeding mothers. It was created to bring encouragement to new moms, change cultural attitudes, and provide advocacy for the breastfeeding community. It's the little things- like knowing that others have gone before me and others will nurse after me. Together we can make a change because confidence grows in groups. (MFT also provided a scale and Miss Thing is 11 lbs, 10 oz.)  Love it.

I know what you are thinking. Coincidence? Hell no. You bet your boobs boots that I drug my family over to Topeka so that I could participate in the Latch On Event. It's all about being sly. Come on, boys! It will be fun! A whole afternoon of playing and touching crap that I would never let you do at home! And don't forget, it's only 100 million degrees outside!  Let them be young, right?

Related: Sneaky? Yes. Worth it? Yes. (Stop judging me. You know you bribe your kids too.)   

Another advantage of our adventure out of the house? I just happened to make it on the big, ole fancy TV.

My big debut- starring myself and the gorgeous Cora Jane.

Now I'm sure that nobody cares but my Mother. (And before you get overly excited, Mom, I didn't actually get to speak.) But if you click that link then you'll get to see me in 3-D. (I'M A REAL PERSON!) The camera panned across the room and focused on me and Cora for 10 whole seconds. My boobs and my babywearing baby will make me famous. Just wait.

I am just annoyed that I forgot to wear my tie-dye dress, hemp necklaces, and strappy sandals.

Next time, kids, next time.

Peace out.
Tags: baby wearing, breastfeeding is normal, weekend adventures

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