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Boring and annoying

Just some random numbers throughout our days and weeks. I've got nothing to blog about. Can you tell? Also I am SOOO annoyed with LJ and all the formating issues. I can not get rid of all the white space. Sorry.

Some up by 7:00 am. Others not until 9:30. Matt around 3:30 pm.

2 bowls of cereal each. 2 daily pills for Simon. 3 glasses of grape juice. 2 cans of Dr. Pepper. 3 cups of milk. Most all the spoons.

30 seconds of teeth brushing, twice a day. 5 showers or baths.

1 van without an air compressor + $1400 estimate to fix it = 1 sad Mini-van-less Mama.

5: the number of seats in the Camry filled with bodies and carseats.

99: the temperature outside right now. 106: what it feels like outside.

6: how many weeks until October and fall and (hopefully) no need for an a/c. 

3: the number of times I've taken pictures for "back to school."
(Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade)

1 new 2nd grader with 1 new teacher in her 2nd year of teaching.

back to school
back to school

.21: record number of tardies last year. (1 ashamed Grandma. Sorry, Mom. We'll do better this year. I promise.)

Tardies this year: 0!

1 dishwasher that runs every night. 1 washing machine that runs 2 times a day. 1 glorious, hot sun that dries the clothes and diapers.

10 diapers for this (now) 13 lbs baby who nurses a minimum of 10 times a day and sleeps for at least 15 hours of every day:
Tulip 099

1 new smart phone (finally!) that means I can join the rest of the world. 1 man with the BEST HUSBAND EVER title.

7 daily newspapers that get read (maybe) every other day.

$80.23: grocery bill. 1 pending return trip to get 2 forgotten items: children's toothpaste and chicken for fajitas.

7:45, 9:30, 12:00 am, 8:15 am: bedtimes for the boys, Cora, myself, and Matt.
3 times I was woken up last night. 1 naughty and nocturnal kitten that was (then) locked in the laundry room.

1 tired Mama who is going to join the 3 currently sleeping in my house.
What are some of the numbers of your week?
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