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A hiking we will go

There is nothing that I love more than shoving Cora and her big butt into a sling and going about my business. On this particular day, my sister invited us to a shrimp boil at the lake. My mother, who was in town and always up for an adventure, insisted that we hike around the lake before we sat down to eat. 

Fine, Mom. You win.

Grandma and Bennett

Sweet sister

 Babywearing love

The hike was made easier simply because I remembered to throw my pouch sling in the van. I'm purely of the opinion that one can never have too many baby carriers. Like cloth diapers, they seem to multiple in my house and I've tried just about everything. Mei Tais, wraps, soft-structured carriers, pouches, and ring slings have all comforted and held my babies close to my heart at one point or another.

Baby toe

I have my favorite carriers and brands. What worked for me, might not work for you. I also like to think that babywearing (in any form or fashion) is always a win for everyone regardless.  Especially the babies. 

When I say babies, I'm not talking about myself. It certainly wasn't me that threw a fit or anything about hiking. I LOVE HIKING in the dark woods that are full of bugs and steep hills and poison ivy. 

Tall tree, small baby

So I guess the clear winner is babywearing. I never would have made it without my sling.
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