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Guess what I won?

I am super excited. I never win anything. Ever. But this week I did. I won a Beco Butterfly baby carrier and it's completely free. I don't even have to pay for shipping. Doesn't that rock?

Here it is! I picked the carnival pattern because of all the pretty colors.

What's even more awesome is that I have been yearning for another carrier. (A mom can never have to many you know! Besides- I am able to keep my carriers matching my clothes.) I love babywearing and have been using different carriers ever since we brought Bennett home.

October 2007- 2 months                  December 2007- 4 months                                                          March 2008- 7 months

Babywearing is one principle of attachment parenting. Attachment parenting  is about forming and nurturing strong connections between yourself and your children. It's about raising kids with love and respect. We have strongly followed most of the eight principles with both Simon and Bennett. And let's be honest, I really wanted Bennett to be attached to me. He's fully attached to me and that's exactly what he wants and needs.

I'm happy to report that Bennett is now sleeping through the night (only took 15 months) and that he is night weaned. He is no longer sleeping in our bed and is sleeping in his crib 100%. Co-sleeping is an area that Prince Charming and I disagree on. He'd prefer to have the babies in their own beds. I prefer to have them next to me. (Part of this is because of my fear of fire. And that Matt is usually working 3 nights a week). Simon usually slips into our bed at some point and I'm not too worried that Bennett won't be back eventually. Until then, I am just happy that we followed our gut, responded to his cries, and now have a happy well adjusted (and attached) baby.

Anyways, I know I promised wool pictures. I'm working on it.
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