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Butterball baby

Time flies when you're having fun or so the saying goes. Time flies? More like moves so fast I can hardly catch my breath. How is it December? How is it winter coats and colds and fireplace season? Most importantly, how is it that my tiny 6 pound bundle of baby now weighs 18 pounds?

Sweetly smiling

We went to the doctor on Friday for her 6 month well-baby check-up. She's well! Shocker, I know. I did learn that at 6 months, Cora Bean is in the 80th percentile for weight. Her round noggin is in the 90th percentile and at 28 inches, she is in the 97th percentile for height.

Sweet and delicate? Not so much.

Wiggly, rolly polly, butterball baby? Absolutely.

Perfect capture

I tend to get annoyed with percentiles and the emphasis given by other mothers. The reality is that percentiles MEAN nothing in the real world. Big babies even out. Skinny babies eventually chunk up. After the first year, the rate of growth slows down dramatically anyways. Yet it's all the rage to discuss percentiles and place unnecessary value on imaginary numbers. As if there is something wrong with being in a lower percentile.

20 years from now, Cora Jane, will be proud to know that she was once taller than 97 percent of other babies her age. Clearly she is destined for success in life. And if height isn't an indicator of success, then just look at her round and beautiful head. Big? Maybe but all the better to fit in everything that she is yet to learn. SHE IS GONNA BE A GENIUS, the percentile told me so.


Thank goodness there isn't a scale for cuteness. Could you imagine? Lord knows she would score in the 100th percentile for that one. She's so cute, she isn't even on the chart!
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