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Friday phone dump #1

A quick peek into our week. Otherwise known as Friday phone dump except today isn't really Friday. But close enough? Yes, close enough. I haven't much blogging material this week, so Instgram only pics for you. You can follow the feed @thepools. I'm the girl that posts pictures every day that are mostly of her baby. Simon is at school so he is missing out on the fun and Bennett is a turkey who (most often) refuses to look at the camera.

A common problem in our house is that the baby is missing. What's that? You can't find the baby? Just find the Legos and there she be.

Loving the Legos

Or check the porch.

THE BABY is also so close to walking but she isn't quite ready to let go just yet. It's strange for me to see AN INFANT walking because CLEARLY infants don't walk. Whatever. Somebody push her down.

Holding on

See an INFANT? Thank you very much.

A little snack

Lest you think I only take pictures of Cora Jane, here is one of Matt. I mean Bennett. I mean Bennett looking like Matt.

Mini daddy

Isn't this so exciting? I should post pictures from my phone all the time. Here is Bennett drinking on the porch! Yay!

Poolie's Deli

Alright, that was fun and fills my weekly assignment of two posts for the week. I wouldn't want to disappointment my "readers" (aka my Mom) by not posting. Speaking of disappointed, some of the pictures don't look very clear. Imagine them as 2x2 inch squares on Instgram and then they don't look so crappy.

Or you could follow along for yourself and see. (Find me @thepools). (Do I sound desperate?) (No?) (Good.)

Over and out.
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