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Lawrence 2012 Zombie Walk

When Simon was a baby, "dress up like zombies and walk down the street," didn't even cross my mind as a family fun activity. Don't get me wrong. I mean, we've thought about zombies and we totally have a plan of action in the event that zombies attack.

(Head to the foothills of the Colorado mountains and live off my oldest sister's pantry and deep freezer.)
(Sister could feed us for months.) 
(Friends, not zombies, welcome.)

But dress up like a zombie and pretend to be one? Walk with hundreds and hundreds of other zombies down Mass street?

Nope, definitely not.  

#zombiewalk #boys

We had rules, back in like '06, of all the things we didn't want SImon to do. No toy guns. No swords. No talking about scary things. No bloody Halloween costumes. No violent TV shows, only PBS cartoons. My how things change.

(In my head, I'm saying this like I'm 80 years old and bunched over my cane. My hair is silver. "Back in Aught Six, we had rules! We had toy guns but none of them fancy things you have now! In Twelve, we dressed up like zombies for fun!")

zombiewalk 002

(Corn syrup blood. Read: a sticky, sticky mess.)
zombiewalk 012

zombiewalk 021

zombiewalk 014

zombiewalk 018

This was the only picture I managed to get of the actual walk. My camera died but picture hundreds of people dressed and dragging their limbs behind them.

zombiewalk 025

Good American fun, right? Good thing it's no longer Aught Six. The old Mother in me would have been terrified of the prospect.

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