March 2nd, 2011

June 2011 kids

Sweet profile

Every single time I look at this photo, I smile. Could there be anything more amazing? More wonderful than catching a glimpse of your unborn baby? Thanks to technology, I feel like I already know this sweet and beautiful face.

Just look at her. I think this is probably the best ultrasound picture I have ever received. (Fluid levels were normal for those keeping track at home.) Even the boys' weren't this clear or perfect.

29 weeks 
For those of you who asked, we are not doing a home birth. This is not because I am scared or believe that home birth isn't safe. It just wasn't something that we could afford. We only use cash and we didn't have a few thousand extra sitting around. We could swing monthly payments to the OB, but the midwife required a lump sum.

Yes, I am sad but the end result is what matters most. As we get closer to her due date (May 12-17), I will provide our birth plan. Right now the plan is simple: delay cord cutting, no eye ointment, no Hep B, no bottles, and don't dare to think about taking my baby away from me.

She's my (beautiful) prize.