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Number 5

I haven't done a lot of amazing things in my life. I've never been out of the country. I've never jumped out of an airplane. I've never met anybody famous or even been on TV. I lived in three cities my whole life. 

My life, until this point, can be summed up with 4 great things:
  1. Getting engaged to my Baby's Daddy- Matt
  2. Birthing the love child- Simon
  3. Marrying my Baby Daddy
  4. Birthing Bennett
I can now add a number 5 to that list:

       5. Watching the birth of Claire Elizabeth (aka Claire Elizapuss named so by Coco)

I fully believe that birth is meant to be shared. I had an open invitation for Simon and Bennett's delivery. My family, Matt's family, my sister, and my Grandma were all invited in. Jennifer was there too. Giving birth is something to be shared. Modesty aside, I wanted and needed others to watch my babies come into the world. 

And so when Jennifer announced that I was invited to THE TOOKIE SHOW (tookie- rhymes with cooookie) I was so excited. She also invited Alli to watch. Alli and I were like excited school girls. We asked questions, we laughed, we labored along side. Simultaneously sharing our own stories about the day our babies were born.

The day was long. Jennifer was induced early for high blood pressure and so it took a LONG time for her actual labor to begin. I arrived at the hospital around 9:30am, thankful that it was a Saturday and that Matt was home with the boys. Pitocin was given. Her epidural administered. Alli and I watched. Todd tweeted. Jennifer relaxed. 

Many, many, many hours later Jennifer was finally dilated to a 10. She was surrounded by mostly women- her doctor, two nurses, Alli, her Mom, and myself.  We were all there- encouraging, supporting, hardly containing our excitement. Todd was there to hold her hand. 

And then suddenly, finally it was time. One contraction, three pushes. It took Jennifer, literally, three pushes to birth her baby. I never expected it to happen so quickly. We had been waiting all day for this moment.

At 8:27pm Claire Elizabeth was born, all 6 lbs, 7 oz of her. She was breathing, crying, and wiggling her way into this world. 

It was amazing. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Watching another human being, apart from myself, created by God, perfect in every single way come into this world. To watch her lungs fill with air, to hear her first cry, to feel the room fill with love. She is a perfect baby girl: untouched, blemish-free. A person. A soul. A beautiful baby.

It was an honor to watch. A privilege to be apart of something so special. I can hardly wait to do it all again. Jennifer and Alli, you are totally invited again to my next birth. 

Thank you, Jen, for giving me a number 5 on my list. Her birth was amazing. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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