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Walk on

This week is International Babywearing Week and the theme is "Close Enough to Kiss." The benefits of babywearing are endless. I've been wearing Bennett since we came home from the hospital and I've been kissing his head daily.


Baby's thrive on being touched and held. Bennett has spent more time being worn then in any stroller. I know the smell of his hair. I know his weight. My shoulders burn after hours of carrying him. We've gone hiking up mountains, Christmas tree choosing, trick-or-treating, pumpkin patch playing, and block walking all together. We've done parades, festivals, weddings, parties and shopping. More shopping then one can imagine.  This is our life. We do everything together.
Consider wearing your baby. It has been such a big part of our life the past two years. I don't fight crowds pushing a stroller. I don't search for elevators. I whisper into Bennett's ear. Strangers look but don't touch. They smile. He looks into their eyes and smiles back. His attachment is strong. He snuggles into me. His breath slows. We walk on.

Through this blog, I really hope that my someday-grown-up babies will realize how loved they really were. Maybe they will want to wear their babies too.

I can only hope.

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