Partyof5 (partyof5) wrote,

The Cider Mill

In proving that I do IN FACT HAVE IN-REAL-LIFE FRIENDS, Jennifer and I went to the Louisburg Cider Mill last weekend. 

It was super hot. 

Everything cost money. We are both broke super cheap.

But my kids? TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

Anyways, Jennifer and I have been friends for 3.5 years and first bonded when she was pregnant with Coco. She doesn't cloth diaper but she does breastfeed and wear her babies and, you know, BEGGARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS. I'll take whatever friends I can get. 

I'm kidding. I love her. Jennifer gets me. And she laughs at me. And she babysits my kids. And she lets me complain about my husband. And she lets me watch her push a baby out her tookie. And she forced me to attend Dave Ramsey. 

And she takes multiple pictures of my kid, the stink pot, who likes to hide his face in pictures. 

It's a darn good thing Jennifer and I are BFF's cause our kids are going to get married. I'm so in favor of prearranged marriages. Which is important because THEIR WEDDING HAS ALREADY BEEN PLANNED. They just have to graduate from college first.  Then after their marriage is legal and valid and ordained, they may start creating my future grandbabies. Who, of course, will be so cute. I mean, seriously, look at these two:

And speaking of our future grandbabies, I'll be sure to let Grandma Jennifer take them to the Cider Mill.

I'm too cheap to ever go again. 
Tags: baby wearing, friends make the world go round, photos

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