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June 2011 kids

Favorite things

My hair looks bad and my eyes look funny, but you know what? It doesn't matter. (Or at least I am telling myself it doesn't matter. I am not here looking for validation about my appearance.) Simon has always been into his Daddy. Bennett goes back and forth. But without a doubt, 100%, this little girl is all about her Mama right now. I am her favorite.


Sometimes it is so hard to be the favorite. Everything takes twice as long with her pulling on my legs. I can't leave the room, eat lunch, or go to the bathroom in peace. Every night I am the one who puts her to bed. If Daddy tries, we listen to her scream. (In case you haven't heard, I don't make my babies cry.) She bathes with me, waters the flowers with me, and walks to get the mail with me. Come nap time, you will find me running around and cleaning all the things as quickly as possible so I can sit for a minute in peace.

At nap time you also might find me at the pool. Sometimes I will sneak away with just the boys and we'll leave a sleeping Cora with her sleeping Daddy. There are things that are terrible about working 3rd shift and there are things that are wonderful. This is one of the wonderful things. She's none the wiser and I come home feeling sun-kissed and refreshed.

I think we'll go swimming now.

My favorite girl is sleeping and I could use a break.
June 2011 kids

A hiking we will go

There is nothing that I love more than shoving Cora and her big butt into a sling and going about my business. On this particular day, my sister invited us to a shrimp boil at the lake. My mother, who was in town and always up for an adventure, insisted that we hike around the lake before we sat down to eat. 

Fine, Mom. You win.

Grandma and Bennett

Sweet sister

 Babywearing love

The hike was made easier simply because I remembered to throw my pouch sling in the van. I'm purely of the opinion that one can never have too many baby carriers. Like cloth diapers, they seem to multiple in my house and I've tried just about everything. Mei Tais, wraps, soft-structured carriers, pouches, and ring slings have all comforted and held my babies close to my heart at one point or another.

Baby toe

I have my favorite carriers and brands. What worked for me, might not work for you. I also like to think that babywearing (in any form or fashion) is always a win for everyone regardless.  Especially the babies. 

When I say babies, I'm not talking about myself. It certainly wasn't me that threw a fit or anything about hiking. I LOVE HIKING in the dark woods that are full of bugs and steep hills and poison ivy. 

Tall tree, small baby

So I guess the clear winner is babywearing. I never would have made it without my sling.
June 2011 kids

Bet your boots

Yesterday we went to Topeka, Kansas and visited the new Discovery Center. The Children's Discovery Center is a child-orientated, hands-on building designed to enhance the learning of little ones. From interactive exhibits, to Legos, to wall painting, to woodworking- the Discovery Center has it all.

Or, in simpler terms, it's a kick-ass play place. 

While we were there, the building was hosting a Milk for Thought event. Milk for Thought is a nation-wide program designed to bring together and provide support for breastfeeding mothers. It was created to bring encouragement to new moms, change cultural attitudes, and provide advocacy for the breastfeeding community. It's the little things- like knowing that others have gone before me and others will nurse after me. Together we can make a change because confidence grows in groups. (MFT also provided a scale and Miss Thing is 11 lbs, 10 oz.)  Love it.

I know what you are thinking. Coincidence? Hell no. You bet your boobs boots that I drug my family over to Topeka so that I could participate in the Latch On Event. It's all about being sly. Come on, boys! It will be fun! A whole afternoon of playing and touching crap that I would never let you do at home! And don't forget, it's only 100 million degrees outside!  Let them be young, right?

Related: Sneaky? Yes. Worth it? Yes. (Stop judging me. You know you bribe your kids too.)   

Another advantage of our adventure out of the house? I just happened to make it on the big, ole fancy TV.

My big debut- starring myself and the gorgeous Cora Jane.

Now I'm sure that nobody cares but my Mother. (And before you get overly excited, Mom, I didn't actually get to speak.) But if you click that link then you'll get to see me in 3-D. (I'M A REAL PERSON!) The camera panned across the room and focused on me and Cora for 10 whole seconds. My boobs and my babywearing baby will make me famous. Just wait.

I am just annoyed that I forgot to wear my tie-dye dress, hemp necklaces, and strappy sandals.

Next time, kids, next time.

Peace out.
June 2011 kids

Babyhawk for sale- SOLD!

Did I mention that I am "working" this week as the secretary at my Dad's office? When I say "working," I really mean "get paid to sit in front of the computer." Or, as Jennifer put it "get money from Daddy." Grandma is keeping the boys and they are LOVIN' the extra attention.

Nevermind we were just spoiled to death at Christmas, we now own a Spongebob coloring book. Simon is so pleased.

So since I am sitting here with nothing to do, I planned ahead and bought some more things to sell. Yesterday was diapers. Today is my Babyhawk. There isn't anything wrong with this Mei Tai, I just prefer my Beco when it comes to wearing my little ones. Some people really love Babyhawks and Mei Tais in general.

It's in VGUC but does have some discoloration on the straps. Comes with a bonus toy ring and a pocket for stuffing. The straps are chocolate brown and extra long.

The front side (with the pocket) is a nice, floral blue. The floral is brown and matches the straps.
Babyhawk Babyhawk print detail

The back side is a light green with small, brown skulls and crossbones. I noticed when I was taking pictures that there appears to be some red spots on the print. (Look in the lower left-hand corner.) I can try and remove the spots but I have NO idea how long the spots have been there.
Babyhawk back side Babyhawk print detail
I am listing this here and on Diaperswappers. Priority goes to my friends cause you guys know that ya'll make my skirt fly up. $70.00 and shipping is included. 

(A steal, I'm telling you. Babyhawks run $110 new plus shipping.)
(I, of course, will take offers.)
I'll even leave the plastic links attached to the toy ring. I can't promise that Bennett's baby slobber isn't lingering though.
Questions? Just ask. :)

June 2011 kids


Matt bought me a used jogging stroller off of Craigslist for Mother's Day. I know, I know. The HORROR. How can I possibly be an attached Mama using a stroller?

It's just that I am tired of babywearing. Bennett is heavy and big and it's no fun to wear him anymore. I can still wear him and I still do (read: it has been months) yet I'd rather push a stroller these days. Don't hold your breath though, I'm not actually going to start jogging with my new pretty stroller.

Nevertheless, I did make Matty Daddy take it for a jog. (An aside: back in the good old days, before all the gray hair, Matt used to run cross-country. I can count on my fingers the number of times I have actually seen him run. UM....FIVE? THREE, maybe?)  And so in my most evil voice I dared him to run. And run he did. He ran so fast the wheel popped off the front.  This, of course, had nothing to do with the fact that we had FAILED TO FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS. Don't fret. It's all good now. A trip to the bike shop means the stroller is in working order again.

It also just reaffirms that I'm not meant to jog. Me = jogging? Never going to happen. Me = exercising? Not in this life. Me = wanting another baby so I can ditch the dorky stroller? Yes, please.

Bennett's babyhood is practically just...OVER. It's done. Insert SAD FACE. He's a kid full of wants, needs, and ideas. He holds conversations. He has learned how to use the potty and even wakes up dry in the morning. I just want to dig in my heels and stop time. I want the squishy newborn days again. I want the milk drunk laughs. I want the baby snuggled up against my body in a pretty wrap. I want soft, beautiful fluffy diapers. (Preferably in pink, but I'm not picky. I SWEAR.)

I want to be skinny(er) again without doing any hard work.

So I confess: I ordered some of these. (Shout out to Jami! I CLAP MY HANDS FOR YOU.) I'm sure the package will come and I will shove everything into the back of the closet. It's almost too much commitment. I might as well tell the world that we are having LOTS OF UNPROTECTED SEX.

We aren't. Yet.

Just like how I bought a jogging stroller and have no plans to run.

June 2011 kids

This post is not for the men

The internet is a magical place. It's full of goodness and rainbows and kittens. It's full of funny stories, sad stories, and bust-a-gut laughing videos.

So, in an attempt to make up for yesterday's lame post, I'm showing you TWO hilarious videos.

The first video is not intended for the male audience. It's all good though. I have two male readers. The first is named Thom and, unfortunately, I'm related to him by marriage.

Hi Grandpa!
(You probably don't want to watch this video.)

My second male reader is named Matt and, fortunately, I'm related to him by marriage too.
(I love you MTP.)

This second video isn't really for the men either. It's for all the Babywearing Mamas out there. Be prepared to smile!

This post was brought to you today by the ever amazing Diva cup (get yours here) and Sakura Ring Slings (down with strollers)!

Computer fix

Somebody stand up

It's so quiet in my house. The only sound I hear is that of the rain and the soft click-click of the computer. The washer was spinning but has now stopped. Bennett is sleeping (in his own bed). The kid is at school. Matty is at work.

In about 30 minutes, the activity will return. I'll grab the sweaty, sleeping baby and load him into the car. Simon will be full of stories, complaints, and anecdotes from his day. When we come back to the house, Daddy will be home to greet us.

Noise and chaos will be an understatement. The dinner will be started. The boys will scream while running up and down the hall. The bath water will run. Stories will be read.

But not now. For now, it is quiet.

Somebody stand up and shout praises to the Lord. Hallelujah.

 Let's talk about our dinner for this week. Anybody interested in what we've been eating? 

I thought you would say yes.
(Like you even had a choice.)


Spaghetti and bloody eyeballs, mummy pizzas, and worms on a bun (with a side of bloody fruit jello). Please click and follow the links because, well, MY PICTURES SUCK.

Somebody stand up and give me praise. I am the best mother ever.

And here's a little photo shoot of Bennett being a PAIN in the ASS at dinnertime. Again, the pictures SUCK but you get a general idea of his crazy, OCD like behaviors. His cup was moved and all hell broke out. 


Somebody stand up and get that kid some therapy.  

Finally, to the people who said Bennett is looking grown up. POW! Check this out:

Still in the Hotsling (see also: no pants) because he was (again) being a PAIN in the ASS while I was trying to cook dinner. Solution? Shove his too big butt into the sling and continue on with life.

Somebody stand up and give me a sit down and shut up.

The baby is sleeping. The kid is at school. 

It's time to be quiet now.

June 2011 kids

The Cider Mill

In proving that I do IN FACT HAVE IN-REAL-LIFE FRIENDS, Jennifer and I went to the Louisburg Cider Mill last weekend. 

It was super hot. 

Everything cost money. We are both broke super cheap.

But my kids? TOO CUTE FOR WORDS.

Anyways, Jennifer and I have been friends for 3.5 years and first bonded when she was pregnant with Coco. She doesn't cloth diaper but she does breastfeed and wear her babies and, you know, BEGGARS CAN'T BE CHOOSERS. I'll take whatever friends I can get. 

I'm kidding. I love her. Jennifer gets me. And she laughs at me. And she babysits my kids. And she lets me complain about my husband. And she lets me watch her push a baby out her tookie. And she forced me to attend Dave Ramsey. 

And she takes multiple pictures of my kid, the stink pot, who likes to hide his face in pictures. 

It's a darn good thing Jennifer and I are BFF's cause our kids are going to get married. I'm so in favor of prearranged marriages. Which is important because THEIR WEDDING HAS ALREADY BEEN PLANNED. They just have to graduate from college first.  Then after their marriage is legal and valid and ordained, they may start creating my future grandbabies. Who, of course, will be so cute. I mean, seriously, look at these two:

And speaking of our future grandbabies, I'll be sure to let Grandma Jennifer take them to the Cider Mill.

I'm too cheap to ever go again. 
June 2011 kids

Walk on

This week is International Babywearing Week and the theme is "Close Enough to Kiss." The benefits of babywearing are endless. I've been wearing Bennett since we came home from the hospital and I've been kissing his head daily.


Baby's thrive on being touched and held. Bennett has spent more time being worn then in any stroller. I know the smell of his hair. I know his weight. My shoulders burn after hours of carrying him. We've gone hiking up mountains, Christmas tree choosing, trick-or-treating, pumpkin patch playing, and block walking all together. We've done parades, festivals, weddings, parties and shopping. More shopping then one can imagine.  This is our life. We do everything together.
Consider wearing your baby. It has been such a big part of our life the past two years. I don't fight crowds pushing a stroller. I don't search for elevators. I whisper into Bennett's ear. Strangers look but don't touch. They smile. He looks into their eyes and smiles back. His attachment is strong. He snuggles into me. His breath slows. We walk on.

Through this blog, I really hope that my someday-grown-up babies will realize how loved they really were. Maybe they will want to wear their babies too.

I can only hope.

June 2011 kids

Babywearing stash

In my post Simon but pre-hippy, pre-hadn't ever even heard the word attached parent, pre-cloth diapering days I just knew I wanted to be a babywearer. I loved the idea of keeping Bennett close to me. I knew how quickly Simon had grown, and I wanted to keep Bennett little and near me. I also was determined to foster a close attachment. Simon loved his Daddy and Bennett was going to love me.

I literally began wearing Bennett the day we came home from the hospital. I started with Hotslings slings. The fit was perfect for me and Bennett was so happy to be worn. I completely gave up carrying the ridiculously heavy carseat and opted to always wear Bennett.

When Bennett turned 7 months old, I opted to try a Babyhawk Mei Tai. I enjoyed the Mei Tai, especially because it gave me the flexibility to wear Bennett on my back. I also purchased a reversible print so Matt could wear B. too. My favorite feature is the pocket. It was great for holding my cell phone and an extra diaper. 
Now that Bennett is nearing two years old and 28 lbs, I especially enjoy my Beco Butterfly. It is hands down the best carrier I have owned. And the best part? I won this carrier for free! Bennett's weight is easily distributed across my back and hips. The buckles allow me to easily loosen and tighten the straps without pinching my love handles. The print choices are awesome and I simply LOVE this carrier.

Bennett is happy to be worn and I prefer having him so close to me. I never, ever bother with a stroller. It is just so easy to throw B up on my back and go. I really want to try a wrap for the best babe, but otherwise I have been so happy with my current carriers.

Hope you enjoyed a little sneak peek into my stash. If you want to see even more carriers and cute babies, then visit Adventures in Babywearing. She's one of my favorite bloggers!

Audrey :)