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June 2011 kids

Taking care of business

Three unrelated business items for today.

1.) Are you a local reader who is interested in learning more about cloth diapering or are you interested in buying some new fluff for your little one's bum bum? Then come to the Centennial​ Park shelter house (North of the Merc in Lawrence, Ks) at 6:00 pm on Thursday. My friend, Julie, is hosting a cloth diaper sell and swap. I'll be there and selling some diapers.

People ask me all the time if I have diapers to sell. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE. Come, hang out, and enjoy the 108 degree heat with me.

2.) Many people asked and/or commented on Cora Jane's barefoot sandals. The set we have was lovingly created by one of my friends. However, if you would like a similar pair, then check these out: Forever Babee Flower Footies. They are only $7 a pair and free shipping. BOOM. You're welcome. I may have ordered a few pairs.

Don't tell Matt.

3.) Lastly, my friend Jami of Baker Baker Photography is offering a chance to win a free photography shoot. If you are in the Kansas City area, you should check her out. Jami is funny and weird and super into Jesus. Jami and her sister (who also happens to be named Audrey) have been doing "quality photography since last week" and describe themselves as "sisters who take pictures." Sounds like a winning combination to me.

That's all for today, friends.

Stay cool out there. Rumor has it that it is supposed to be a 100+ degrees outside. Also, remember to always spay and neuter your pets.

Love and air conditioning,
Bob Barker

June 2011 kids

Goodmama diapers for sale

Diapers, diapers, diapers! Come and get 'em, Mamas. I am just not feeling the love towards these slightly boyish diapers. Look. I'm sorry. After two boys, I want nothing but pink, purple, and flowers. Maybe with a little more salmon, blush, and rose thrown in for good measure. Hot pink? I'll take that too. I have nothing against blue, red, and green. It's not personal. It's business. 

Goodmamas for sale
Left to right: Sanguine w/ gray cotton velour inner, Beach Towel, and a (new in package) This Much. No stains and great elastic on both. Beach Towel has slightly wonky snaps. It snaps okay but sometimes come undone. It's so soft and squishy though. This Much is adorable but again, I'd rather have flowers.  
Beach Towel and Red/Gray Stripe Inners   
Sanguine: $30- PENDING SOLD :) Beach Towel: $25- PENDING SOLD :) This Much: $43 I also have two XS (pink!) Thirsties covers for sale. We used these exclusively over newborn Goodmamas and ZERO blowouts or leaks. Excellent used condition, no stains, no discoloration, and look practically brand new. (Red and sage are already sold.)  
XS Thirsties Covers
$10 each- PENDING SOLD :)
Postage paid with delivery confirmation on everything. I am in search of paypal or girly diapers. You know the kind? Must have pink.  

June 2011 kids

Newborn diapers for sale. ALL SOLD. :)

It's killing me to do this. Literally. Cora Jane has outgrown some of her newborn diapers and the time has come to sell them off. Although using cloth diapers is an investment up front, one of the many benefits is the re-sale value of diapers. I am offering these to my readers first. If they don't sell here, I'll move them on to Craigslist or Diaperswappers. So here we go. (Sniff, sniff.) (Please excuse me while I go find a tissue.) Newborn Goodmama fitteds. These are the diapers that we used right away and were perfect for sweet Cora. Lavender solid, Itsy Daisy, and Pink Cruisers. These are still soft and have ZERO stains. Be still my beating heart. $25.00 ppd each. PENDING. SOLD. :)
Goodmama newborns
Thirsties XS covers. We used these covers immediately to go over the Goodmamas and didn't experience a single leak ever. These still technically fit Cora but are getting short in the rise. No stains or discoloration on the legs. Velcro is in great condition. I have two pinks, one sage green, and red.  $10.00 ppd each. GREEN AND RED PENDING. ALL SOLD. :)
XS Thirsties Covers
XS Fuzzi Bunz pockets. These diapers didn't work well until Cora got closer to 8 lbs. These weren't my favorites but we still used them regularly. At 12 lbs, they are just now starting to get pretty tight on her thighs. No stains and inserts included. I have white, yellow, and sage green. The sage green has a rip in the PUL on the corner but it doesn't hurt the function. (I actually have two green. Oops! )$8 ppd each. PENDING. SOLD! 
XS Fuzzibunz
XS BumGenius AIO. Oh, how I loved these sweet little diapers. (I WILL LET THEM GO. I WILL LET THEM GO. I WILL LET THEM GO.) No stains and velcro is great. $12 ppd each. PENDING. SOLD!
XS Bumgenius AIO
Last, but not least, I have 4 random infant prefolds. I tried these a few times with covers but wasn't digging it. No stains. $2 ppd each. PENDING. SOLD! 
Diapers 038
If you are interested, let me know. I have pictures of the insides of everything and I am happy to share those too. If my prices are too high, I am willing to hear out your offer.  
Just know that a tiny, small part of my heart is attached to these diapers.

June 2011 kids

Win/win in my book

Thanks for the big welcome back. I promise to not disappear any time soon. As also promised, I've got some belly pictures to share but not until the end. First I want to talk about baby girl clothes.

I have been wistfully looking at and admiring baby girl clothes for EIGHT YEARS. It's been eight years since the immaculate conception of Simon. (Dad, if you are reading- it was my first time. I swear.) Now that the opportunity is finally present and it is socially acceptable for me to actually purchase said baby girl clothes, I can't make the jump. I can't buy anything. And trust me, I've been looking. I've been watching online and visiting stores. I've even joined Zulily.com (Anybody want a referral link?!)

I think it's a mixture of disbelief and fear. It might not be true. (Kinda like those first pee tests I took eight years ago except it was more like PLEASE, God, don't be true.) The sono could have been wrong. Things could not work out in my favor.

Anybody else have this problem? Clearly a sign that I truly am the one with issues?

It must be noted, much to Matt's dismay, that I'm not having any trouble buying cloth diapers. As my stash grows, I will share pictures and tips. So far, I've only bought a few used Goodmama newborns and some used FuzziBunz. Today, though, I managed to score this delightful, wonderful, pretty floral, new in package, poop catcher: 
Wine Country on OBV sideview 
I know. It's almost too beautiful to catch poop. I only accomplished this because another GoodMama on Facebook, who I don't even know, grabbed it off Spot's Corner for me. She remembered that I was in search of one and sent me a message with an offer. Her unexpected, gracious act of kindness made my day. 
In other baby girl news, I had an appointment today with the nurse practitioner. Baby girl's heartbeat was around 150 beats per minute and my blood pressure was great. I also have been feeling pretty good and it's been at least a week since I've thrown up. It's progress, so I'll take it. Consequently, I have even managed to gain TWELVE pounds so far.

I am ashamed.  
23 weeks
The good news is that although I've gained weight, my uterus is measuring more like 22 weeks. (I should be more like 23 or almost 24 weeks.) So we scheduled another sonogram in four weeks. 

Which means I have all the more time to obsess about baby clothes and buy more diapers. 

EDIT: I was thinking about my weight gain the other day. I started this pregnancy at 135 lbs and I currently weigh 143 lbs. So that would be 8 lb weight gain thus far. Apparently nurse can't subtract and I'm too stupid to notice.

7 lbs away from my highest weight ever. This isn't looking great.
June 2011 kids

Diapers for sale and other ramblings

Thank you to everyone who left comments, sent messages, and/or commented on my Facebook concerning our baby girl. To say that we are over the moon is an understatement. We are full of joy. Although it's been a week, I still haven't been able to wrap my small brain around the fact that I get to experience the excitement of a baby girl. Of course, there are a few things helping me comprehend this big change.

1.) Pretty pink and floral little outfits like this one help tremendously. After the sonogram, we immediately went shopping. We stopped at three different stores before I found The Absolutely Adorable and Perfect Outfit that I was looking for. I am graciously choosing to forgive Matt when upon finally finding The Absolutely Adorable and Perfect Outfit he skeptically asked, "that's it?"

It's a girl! 026 

2.) Playing the 'name game' helps too. I really like the name Cora Jane but it has been vetoed by my entire family. Baby naming is a family process around here. I wouldn't dare pick a name unless I had the approval of my Mom and sisters. (For those of you judging this comment, fear not. I want the approval of my family. Period.)

Other another name that Matt and I both like is Libby. Although I am afraid that Libby does not pass the doctor/lawyer test. Therefore, we would probably name her Elizabeth and just call her Libby Jane. I am not crazy about nicknames but I do like Libby. I promise to keep everyone updated on the name situation.

3.) The final and possibly most exciting part about having a baby girl is rebuilding my cloth diaper stash. I went through and sorted out all the diapers that I don't plan on using. As you all know, my diapers come from a smoke-free, animal lovin' home. There are NO STAINS and the elastic is all fine. The prints all have normal fading. I am listing these diapers for sale here first but I plan on listing the Goodmamas on Facebook too.
Goodmama 2 
First Love- $30.00 SOLD
Monster Jam- $25.00 SOLD
Varsity- $20.00 SOLD
Goodmama 1 
Yellow Iron- $18.00 SOLD
Cowboy Blues- $20.00 SOLD
Wild West- $20.00 SOLD
Call of the Wild- $18.00 SOLD

Diapers for sale
OBV with missing snap- $5.00 SOLD
BG with old velcro- $5.00 each
As always, if you have any questions please ask. I can provide more pictures upon request and I am only ISO of paypal and GIRLY Goodmama diapers!!

Cloth diapers

Diapers for sale

ETA: Everything has been sold. Thanks! :)

I'm just going to cut to the chase. These are the last of my diapers and they aren't in great shape. All are left over from my not-so-successful garage sale. I'm mostly posting these for the friends that requested pictures on Facebook. Shipping is included. Don't like my prices?


Collapse )

Whew. This was way too much work and I'm not confident that I've priced anything correctly. If you want more pictures or have questions, don't hesitate to ask. I'm happy to help in order to get these out of my house.
Cloth diapers

Nobody asked me

I kinda pride myself in being a breastfeeding, babywearing, no vax, co-sleeping, anti-CIO, attached mama who cloth diapers.

It's who I am. I am a breastfeeder, except that it has been over a year since we've weaned. I am a babywearer, except that Bennett most often prefers to walk. "I BIG BOY. I WALK, Mama." I am no-vax, except now both Simon and Bennett have been vaccinated using a delayed and alternative schedule. I co-sleep, except Simon has decided to earn happy faces on his behavior chart for staying in his own bed at night. And Bennett? He starts in his own bed and makes his way towards mine around 2:00am.

(I can't make him cry-it-out. Let's not go there.)

And we use cloth diapers, except Bennett up and decided that he wanted to be a big boy like Simon. It wasn't my decision. I wasn't interested in visiting public restrooms at every single stop of my day. Or, in this case, the side of the wall because the door to the bathroom at the playground was still locked for the winter.
Day at the Park 077 
Bennett goes all day without diapers. He naps in underwear without any problems. He (mostly) reports when he needs to go. If I manage to drag myself out of bed, Ben will even go like a race horse in the morning. Get this: he even poops without a production. (Sweet, sensitive Simon would not crap without much prompting. We have old sticker charts full of stickers for said child.)

The record will show this was not my idea. I was perfectly okay with cloth diapering for a few more months. I wasn't wasting my money on paper diapers. I didn't pay any daycare to change my kid's butt. I wasn't grossed out. I wasn't tired of diaper laundry.  I DIDN'T TELL MY BABIES IT WAS OKAY TO GROW UP. Nobody even asked me. There was no discussion.

So, it's fine. I mean, it only slightly feels like I've lost my entire identity. Take away all my labels and I will just be a regular, old Mom. I'm now just a regular Mama who happens to let her kids develop at their own pace. And, it goes without saying, I'm a super proud Mama.

Seriously, who wouldn't be proud of this accomplishment?
Day at the Park 079
If you asked Bennett, I think he would agree too. 


Not so much

We (me, Simon, and B) are getting into the van right now. We are headed to Great Bend tonight and then to Colorado tomorrow. Grandma's coming with us. We are leaving Matt and Grandpa at home.

The girls go play while the boys stay home to work.

Who else is going to pay all our bills?

The truth is, this isn't really my idea of fun. Driving 10 hours across the entire state of Kansas and half-way across Colorado? Not so much. Leaving my husband so I can care for both boys on my own? Not so much.

Before I go, I want to let everyone know that Bennett has a secret. Can you guess?

Collapse )

Go ahead and ask me how I feel about this. 

June 2011 kids

Unsolicited advice giver

I haven't even begun to potty train Bennett. I'm of the opinion that potty training, like life in general, can be difficult or it can be easy. And if I know anything, it's this: take the easy way out. Go down the path of least resistance.

It's true. You can start potty training earlier and work for months and months. Or you can start training later and work for a shorter time. Of course, my experience is limited only to Simon and a handful of children that I worked with at St. Joseph's. (read: I am an obviously an expert.)

But as with all things related to child-rearing, I kinda view myself as an expert. Doing Babywise with your kid? Expect an email from me. Post a picture of your baby on Facebook? Know that I am scouring the background looking for bottles. Put your kid in a paper diaper? Feel sorry for you. 


Cause sadly, it's true. I'm just here to give unsolicited advice. Baby not sleeping through the night? Put him in your bed. Baby is hungry? Put her on the boob. Baby hates his carseat? Get over it. Giving your baby solids? No-no. Letting her cry-it-out? Double no-no.

Baby showing signs of being ready to potty train? Ignore all cues. Continue slapping diaper on bum.

Cause you know what they say? "Diaper on bum? No big kid can he become."


June 2011 kids

I heart faces: Tooshies

I don't think there is anything sweeter than a big old fluffy cloth diaper. So when I saw that this week's theme at I heart Faces is "We ♥ Tooshies," I just knew that I had to participate, no butts about it.

Although the quality of my picture is greatly behind most other's and not even close to professional, it's still fun to play along.

Head on over to I heart Faces to see some really great entries!