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June 2011 kids

Back in action

Oh, hi? Apparently I took a little blogging break. I shipped my big boys off to Grandma's house (and consequently to my sister's house in Colorado) and today is the first time I've opened my computer all week.

It's been a tough week. Having one baby to look after is such hard and tiring work. All the cooking and cleaning and intellectual baby brain building has plum worn. me. out. Just kidding! I am pretty sure I didn't turn the oven on the entire week. Ok, that was a lie. I did turn it on once to make muffins from a mix.

The rest of the time, however? Chinese take-out again? Don't mind if I do.


I also successfully managed to completely clean up my DVR and re-watch the entire last season of Weeds. I really had to adjust my TV watching expectations accordingly. Who can watch 17 episodes of Dateline after a two day Weeds marathon? We can. It helps that the temperature has been a MILLION degrees outside. No, seriously.

Some like it hot, right?


We are going to pick up Simon and Bennett tomorrow in Great Bend and then we are going to hurry back here for the 4th of July. After that, a certain somebody turns 9 years old. (Be still my heart.) While I am pretty sure it's going to be a great week, I am not sure it can top this past week.

I hear the TV (and NOT MY KIDS) (Can I get an amen?) calling my name.

June 2011 kids

Taking care of business

Three unrelated business items for today.

1.) Are you a local reader who is interested in learning more about cloth diapering or are you interested in buying some new fluff for your little one's bum bum? Then come to the Centennial​ Park shelter house (North of the Merc in Lawrence, Ks) at 6:00 pm on Thursday. My friend, Julie, is hosting a cloth diaper sell and swap. I'll be there and selling some diapers.

People ask me all the time if I have diapers to sell. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE. Come, hang out, and enjoy the 108 degree heat with me.

2.) Many people asked and/or commented on Cora Jane's barefoot sandals. The set we have was lovingly created by one of my friends. However, if you would like a similar pair, then check these out: Forever Babee Flower Footies. They are only $7 a pair and free shipping. BOOM. You're welcome. I may have ordered a few pairs.

Don't tell Matt.

3.) Lastly, my friend Jami of Baker Baker Photography is offering a chance to win a free photography shoot. If you are in the Kansas City area, you should check her out. Jami is funny and weird and super into Jesus. Jami and her sister (who also happens to be named Audrey) have been doing "quality photography since last week" and describe themselves as "sisters who take pictures." Sounds like a winning combination to me.

That's all for today, friends.

Stay cool out there. Rumor has it that it is supposed to be a 100+ degrees outside. Also, remember to always spay and neuter your pets.

Love and air conditioning,
Bob Barker

June 2011 kids

Favorite things

My hair looks bad and my eyes look funny, but you know what? It doesn't matter. (Or at least I am telling myself it doesn't matter. I am not here looking for validation about my appearance.) Simon has always been into his Daddy. Bennett goes back and forth. But without a doubt, 100%, this little girl is all about her Mama right now. I am her favorite.


Sometimes it is so hard to be the favorite. Everything takes twice as long with her pulling on my legs. I can't leave the room, eat lunch, or go to the bathroom in peace. Every night I am the one who puts her to bed. If Daddy tries, we listen to her scream. (In case you haven't heard, I don't make my babies cry.) She bathes with me, waters the flowers with me, and walks to get the mail with me. Come nap time, you will find me running around and cleaning all the things as quickly as possible so I can sit for a minute in peace.

At nap time you also might find me at the pool. Sometimes I will sneak away with just the boys and we'll leave a sleeping Cora with her sleeping Daddy. There are things that are terrible about working 3rd shift and there are things that are wonderful. This is one of the wonderful things. She's none the wiser and I come home feeling sun-kissed and refreshed.

I think we'll go swimming now.

My favorite girl is sleeping and I could use a break.
June 2011 kids

Friday phone dump #1

A quick peek into our week. Otherwise known as Friday phone dump except today isn't really Friday. But close enough? Yes, close enough. I haven't much blogging material this week, so Instgram only pics for you. You can follow the feed @thepools. I'm the girl that posts pictures every day that are mostly of her baby. Simon is at school so he is missing out on the fun and Bennett is a turkey who (most often) refuses to look at the camera.

A common problem in our house is that the baby is missing. What's that? You can't find the baby? Just find the Legos and there she be.

Loving the Legos

Or check the porch.

THE BABY is also so close to walking but she isn't quite ready to let go just yet. It's strange for me to see AN INFANT walking because CLEARLY infants don't walk. Whatever. Somebody push her down.

Holding on

See an INFANT? Thank you very much.

A little snack

Lest you think I only take pictures of Cora Jane, here is one of Matt. I mean Bennett. I mean Bennett looking like Matt.

Mini daddy

Isn't this so exciting? I should post pictures from my phone all the time. Here is Bennett drinking on the porch! Yay!

Poolie's Deli

Alright, that was fun and fills my weekly assignment of two posts for the week. I wouldn't want to disappointment my "readers" (aka my Mom) by not posting. Speaking of disappointed, some of the pictures don't look very clear. Imagine them as 2x2 inch squares on Instgram and then they don't look so crappy.

Or you could follow along for yourself and see. (Find me @thepools). (Do I sound desperate?) (No?) (Good.)

Over and out.
June 2011 kids

Silly baby

This right here is the story of my life. All day long we retrieve Cora from something- off the stairs, from pulling fist fulls of dirt out of my plants, away from the Legos. Not even kidding, I just took a penny away from her. She screamed loudly at the injustice. Repeat this scene 100x a day.

Case in point: just look at that naughty baby getting into the dog water again.

Naughty baby

Me: "Cooooooooooora. Cooooooooooora Jaaaaaaane! Are you in the dog water?"

Naughty baby

CJ: "What, Mom? Nothing to see here. Move right along, please. I'm not doing anything wrong."

Naughty baby

CJ: "OMG. LOOK out, Mom! A Bear!"
Naughty baby with a bear

CJ: "Oops. False alarm. Carry on." 

June 2011 kids

Big dreams

So, Bennett. He is pretty much my favorite four year old ever. On Monday, we spent the day as a family in Kansas City. While we were watching the ice skaters at Crown Center and he turned to Matt wide-eyed and whispered out loud, "I think this is a dream."  


Sometimes I wonder if this is the whole point of parenting, right? My job is to show them the world, provide them with different/new/fun/educational/exciting experiences, and BLOW THEIR MINDS over ice skaters in the middle of downtown KC while traffic barrels down the street and the wind blows.

Job well done, self. 

Of course, It's easy to congratulate myself on what goes right. The days spent together on day trips to the city. The books we read. The bubble baths that end in giant bathroom messes and squeaky clean bodies. It's much harder to forgive myself for what goes wrong. The stomping of feet. The yelling. The "I'm so tired I don't have an ounce of patience left" moments that come entirely too often and, let's be real, daily in our home especially for the Mama that gets up EVERY TWO HOURS with a baby (by herself) and then works three full days a week.

Lord, have mercy on my soul.


Most of the time our daily life really does overflow with happiness- if they could just please all stop waking me up before 7 am, remember to take their shoes off in the living room and quit jumping on the couch, and if they want to live another day KEEP THE FLIPPIN' LEGOs PICKED UP.

You have your dreams. I have mine.

June 2011 kids

Working, crawling, not working

I am "working" for my Dad this week. This is the 3rd year in a row that I have worked for him around Christmas time so that his secretary can take a vacation. It just means that I get to sit in his office and answer the phone while I play on the Internets. Yesterday the phone rang ONE time. Today we are up to THREE. Basically, I have a really hard job.

I asked for a raise this year. The boss said no.

The boss does let me bring my baby to work, so at least there's that. Oh, he also promised to take me out to lunch to Mr. Burger- the best place to eat in all of Great Bend.

He's pretty nice like that.


She crawls! 4

She crawls! 5

She crawls! 3

She crawls! 1

She crawls! 2

Crawling progression pictures taken with my new lense: a Nikon 70-300 mm for those that asked. I don't even know what that means. Seriously. I do know that I get better depth of field and bokeh. I'm just a Mom with the cheapest DSLR on the market and I have no idea how to work it. Why all the noise in some of the pictures? Your guess is as good as mine.

My laptop suddenly stopped working after lunch. I'mma 'bout to throw something and feeling kinda rage-y about it. WHY WON'T YOU WORK!?!?!

Maybe I could afford a new computer if the boss gave me a raise. What do you think, Dad?
June 2011 kids

Boring and annoying

Just some random numbers throughout our days and weeks. I've got nothing to blog about. Can you tell? Also I am SOOO annoyed with LJ and all the formating issues. I can not get rid of all the white space. Sorry.

Some up by 7:00 am. Others not until 9:30. Matt around 3:30 pm.

2 bowls of cereal each. 2 daily pills for Simon. 3 glasses of grape juice. 2 cans of Dr. Pepper. 3 cups of milk. Most all the spoons.

30 seconds of teeth brushing, twice a day. 5 showers or baths.

1 van without an air compressor + $1400 estimate to fix it = 1 sad Mini-van-less Mama.

5: the number of seats in the Camry filled with bodies and carseats.

99: the temperature outside right now. 106: what it feels like outside.

6: how many weeks until October and fall and (hopefully) no need for an a/c. 

3: the number of times I've taken pictures for "back to school."
(Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st grade)

1 new 2nd grader with 1 new teacher in her 2nd year of teaching.

back to school
back to school

.21: record number of tardies last year. (1 ashamed Grandma. Sorry, Mom. We'll do better this year. I promise.)

Tardies this year: 0!

1 dishwasher that runs every night. 1 washing machine that runs 2 times a day. 1 glorious, hot sun that dries the clothes and diapers.

10 diapers for this (now) 13 lbs baby who nurses a minimum of 10 times a day and sleeps for at least 15 hours of every day:
Tulip 099

1 new smart phone (finally!) that means I can join the rest of the world. 1 man with the BEST HUSBAND EVER title.

7 daily newspapers that get read (maybe) every other day.

$80.23: grocery bill. 1 pending return trip to get 2 forgotten items: children's toothpaste and chicken for fajitas.

7:45, 9:30, 12:00 am, 8:15 am: bedtimes for the boys, Cora, myself, and Matt.
3 times I was woken up last night. 1 naughty and nocturnal kitten that was (then) locked in the laundry room.

1 tired Mama who is going to join the 3 currently sleeping in my house.
What are some of the numbers of your week?