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June 2011 kids


I don't know how it happened, but suddenly another season is upon us. I struggle with a love/hate relationship with fall. Mostly I hate it. It's just that summer is so fun! The sun! No schedules! Going to the pool! Pretty flowers! All of my favorite things!  Fall brings cold weather, and wind, and plants that die.

There are things to love about fall. Pumpkins, candy corn, and turning on the fireplace are all good things. My kitchen also looks like a green house because I refuse to let things go.

My kitchen looks like a freaking greenhouse. I hate cold. I hate letting my plants die. I hate messy kitchens the most.

More love and hate things for today. I hate that my babies are growing. Case in point:

Cora Jane, 16 months:
End of September 2012 224

Loves: being outside, her Mama, shoes and bows, making messes, the neighbor's garage, warm baths, drinking out of random cups, hoarding pacifiers, and candy corn. Hates: sleeping, being left behind, and having her nose wiped.

Bennett Patrick, 5 years, 2 months:
End of September 2012 215

Loves: taking his puppy to preschool, ridiculous non-matching clothes, Legos, imitating his brother, 6 inch meatball sandwiches from Subway, and playing Nick Jr. on the computer. Hates: shoes, vegetables, and washing his hair.

Simon Poo, 9 years, 3 months:
End of September 2012 220

Loves: playing games on his cracked screen, used iPhone 3, texting his grandparents, skateboarding, Legos, drawing, setting the controls on the DVR to record random shows, and watching (his favorite) Tanked on TLC. Hates: homework, the dark, and having his dorky Mom take his picture.

What about you? What are you currently loving and hating?

June 2011 kids

Liar, liar. Pants on fire.

I lied in my last post. We had one more shindig. One more festive throw-down before we are forced to maintain a normal schedule and be thrown out of bed before 9:00am. The end of summer? You can't bring us down. We are balls to the walls kind of people. No easing the pain around here.

We'll take every late night, every impromptu trip, every last drop of what you have to offer.

We were unexpectedly gifted a free one night stay in a hotel room. Now, before you get excited in anticipation of Pool, Party of 6, know that we had the children with us. MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN. Or more appropriately, must protect AGAINST more children. I'm not saying that children aren't a blessing from the Lord. I'm just saying that I... Nevermind.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

Also? We slept in separate beds. (Two beds. 5 people. You do the math.)

Where was I? Summer impromptu trips are the best. One full night of swimming, pizza, putt-putt and a night away for free. It was fun and just what we needed before the inevitable return of fall. I wish it wasn't so but it is truth. 

Summer has been so good to us. So ridiculously, incredibly, extremely, enter another adveb here, good to us. I can't help but wonder if this is the best time in my life. This time of boys and baseball games, babies and big bows, and busy, busy schedules. Young and in love. Surrounded by my family.

This is it, right? This has to be because it can't get much better. 

 Britneys wedding 091

Britneys wedding 079-2 

Benny boy 
Britneys wedding 081-1

Be good to us, fall. This probably is the best and most blessed time of my life.

And I'm not lying.
June 2011 kids

Big boys. Small worries.

I get asked frequently how "The Bigs" (read: Simon and Bennett) are adjusting to their new baby sister.

Memorial weekend 057

The transition from big brother to biggest brother and baby to big brother has been incredibly easy. The Bigs really don't care. No, seriously. They don't pay any attention to Cora at all. They don't ask to hold her. They don't change diapers. (They are great at fetching diapers though.) They don't touch her or mess with her ever. Bennett hasn't regressed and turned into a baby. He doesn't wet the bed. Simon is completely indifferent to the entire ordeal.

I suppose I should be thankful. I should count it as a blessing that they don't even notice when she's crying. I should be grateful that I don't have to worry about leaving her unattended around them.  However, how I should feel and how I do feel are two very different things. The grass is always greener on the other side, yes? 

I would be lying if I didn't say that it hurts (just a little) that they aren't interested. Mostly it hurts when they (Simon) go to Daddy to meet their needs instead of coming to me for help. I know. I know. They are boys. And big boys too. Simon has been this way from the beginning.

Memorial weekend 028-1 

I am full of disbelief when I think about the fact that Simon is almost eight years old. I've been doing this Mom gig for eight years. His height, the things he knows, the funny stuff that comes out of his mouth. It catches me by surpise. This child that clearly prefers his father. This child that has to be bribed in order to hold his new baby sister. This child who laughs and screams with delight. 10 more summers is all he has left wih us.

Is it nature or is it nurture? Will boys be boys? Are they so full on a summer high that they can't be bothered to slow down? Will Cora be any different? Does it truly matter who our children call out for in the night as long as someone answers?  Is my love not great enough?

These are the questions and worries that keep me awake at night. These are the answers that I don't have.

So when you ask me, "How are the boys adjusting?"

I will smile and answer that they are doing great. My big boys are great.

June 2011 kids

Open letters

Dear Mom,

I know that you don't like the name Cora Jane and that you don't like my name either. It's almost been 28 years and time to let it go. I like my name. I like the name Cora Jane. Whenever you feel like popping out another baby, you can have all the naming rights you want. In the meantime, let's go shopping!

Your favorite daughter

Dear Sister,

Thank you so much for telling me I looked "puffy" this weekend. You really know how to make a pregnant girl feel pretty. (Sing with me: I feel pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gay.) The world needs more honest people just like you.

I love my siblings,  
Audrey Lynne

Dear Hemorrhoid(s),

It was really awesome how you decided to show up on the day of my Group B Strep test. Thank you! I'm sure the nurse practitioner really loved it as well. Whenever I walk, I feel like I'm waddling. Awesome. 

Suffering in silence, 
Puffy and pregnant 

Dear Matt,

The lawn is looking incredible! I am so happy that you decided to kill everything off. I really like sweeping the dirt up every day inside our beautiful home. I don't mind at all. In fact, it makes me feel just like Ma Ingalls in the Big Woods.

Grass fail


Dear Anita,

It's so nice to have small businesses here in Lawrence. If it weren't for places like Anita's Alterations, the world would be full of overly priced businesses that want to charge $7 to hem a tiny newborn onesie. Wait...never mind. Have a great day, Anita!


Dear Simon,

I am so sorry that I keep losing my patience with you. However, if you ask me one more time if you can play Club Penguin or watch TV or tell me about how bored you are- then I might EAT YOU. I know you have a hard life. I know everything is boring. I get it.

Always hungry,

Dear Livejournal and Photobucket,

The big people here at House of Boys, Inc. are tired of your problems. Would you kindly quit breaking my blog? It's not good for business. Please tell your people in charge to call my people in charge. We need to work this out.

Unsatisfied customer,
House of Boys, Inc.

Dear Baby-no-name,

I know that you aren't really due until May. I know it's warm and cozy right up inside my uterus. Regardless, now that we've almost hit 36 weeks, please feel free to come whenever you want. Sooner is better than later. I'm 100% POSITIVE that everyone is ready to meet you. Trust me.  

Impatiently waiting,
Your happily puffy, hungry, cheap, and pregnant MamaBear

June 2011 kids

Perfect life is perfect

I keep hearing comments from the peanut gallery (read: Matt's family) that my blogging is missed. The truth is that I haven't trusted myself to come back to this place without saying something passive aggressive towards some of my readers. (Hint: it might be family members.) I did get my camera cord back though, so I can share pictures again.
Expect mediocre pictures coming soon. I am also overdue for a belly shot.

Until then, I feel the need to clear the air. I know that I am not always a nice person.  I'm not perfect. I'm judgmental of others. I yell at my kids. It just so happens that I play the role of the beautiful house wife, with the perfect kids, and the gorgeously decorated house on the Internet. But we all know that it isn't completely true. Yes, my husband is wonderful. He works very hard and is very respected at his work. No, he doesn't have a complete college education. Sometimes we even fight. He never kills baby bunnies though.

I'll admit that my kids have issues too. They are too wild, don't always listen, and always prefer to run instead of walk.

Bennett doesn't eat healthy food and at three years old, he doesn't like to sleep alone. He's darn funny though. He refers to his man parts as his wenis. He doesn't know his ABCs, or how to count to ten, and he watches too much TV. If nobody is paying him any attention, he'll change his clothes three times a day. He has a fondness for pajamas particularly fuzzy fleece ones. Most days I am too lazy to care.

Simon is starting therapy for his anxiety on Friday at the mental health center. His tummy aches and chest pains have become too much. His refusal to eat has become a strain on everyone. He hates school. I struggle with knowing how to respond and when to push and when to back off. I have a seven year old that needs medication to control his panic attacks. If I didn't know that anxiety was a genetic disorder, I might start blaming myself. I might even think it was a case of bad parenting.

I missed this place. I missed writing. When I come to this place, I come to brag. I come to share pictures of goofy children with missing teeth and dirty faces. I come to write about my struggles and my loves and my fears.

Next time, I promise to trust myself enough to not let a couple of comments throw me off my groove. Judge me and us all you want. I can take it. I will probably whine and cry about it to Matt and my Mom but I'll never tell.

I'm surrounded by people that I love and that is a real gift.
June 2011 kids

But wait! I have excuses!

I could pretend to be an expert photographer, but we all know that would be a lie. This true fact very much came to light when I sat down to create a Christmas card.

Originally, I planned to make a beautiful Christmas card AND announce the sex of the baby at the same time. This plan was fouled when my anatomy scan didn't get scheduled until next week. (It's on Tuesday. Mark your calendars.) Additionally, for those keeping track at home, Christmas is NEXT week. Clearly there isn't enough time to take pictures, create a card, ship them to me, and then ship them to you all before Friday. 

I decided that maybe I should just use a picture of the boys that I already had taken. I have a decent camera, right? So a decent picture shouldn't be too hard to find. Right? Let's be honest and admit that nobody cares about seeing me or Matt. It's the children people want and it's the children that I want to show off.


In view of this, let's take a peek at the most recent pictures I have of Bennett and Simon together. In this example, we are oh-so-happily creating a gingerbread house. I know it may be obvious to some but it's like so many Christmas blessings to be had all in one moment. 

Christmas joy

Not very long ago, Matt took the boys camping. I came out just long enough to enjoy the roasted hotdogs and smores. Before I left, I tried to get a picture of the boys in their tent. Nothing says Christmas card like a pouting child with really bad hair being forced to look at the camera against his will.

How about a Halloween/Christmas mix? Never mind the kids aren't looking at the camera. And while we're at it, just try and ignore the large and dangerous sword that the knight is 10 seconds away from jabbing into the purple dragon.


In September, we went to the pumpkin patch. The only thing separating this picture from perfect is the giant parachute hood on Simon's head. Am I right or what?

Pumpkin patch 
This last one, taken in August, has everything a great picture needs. Eye contact, clean faces, gap-filled smiles, and naked bodies. Wait? What? I shouldn't send a picture of my kids surrounded by bubbles in the bathtub?
Unfortunately, that's all I've got of the boys together. Major morning sickness took a toll on my motivation and it's unmistakable when I scroll through my archives from late August to the present. I just don't have a nice picture of them together. I could create a card with separate pictures of them but hello, did you see Simon's hair? (Don't worry, Mom. He finally got a haircut.) I'm also not kidding when I say that in almost every picture of Bennett he either has a.) something on his head or b.) he isn't wearing a shirt.

So all that to say: those awaiting a picture from my family, please accept my apology. There will be no great Christmas card of 2010.

But by all means, don't think I won't want to see your Christmas card.


June 2011 kids

Happy children

So, I took the boys skateboarding the other day. Not because I really wanted to go but because it's what I do. 

Most often, I do what I do in order to make my kids happy. Taking the boys skateboarding when it's 85 degrees outside makes them happy. Maybe I am creating monster children? Children who demand to be entertained. Children who want attention all the time. Children who, like their mother, know exactly what they want in life.

Skateboarder, take 3

In the end, I worry about whether it matters. Making them happy? Makes me happy as well. Getting out of the house? Win-win. Going and doing and working and worrying all the time about what is best for them? No fun. 

I'm not perfect. I don't pretend to be perfect.  

My kids aren't perfect. In fact, Simon (the child of a teacher) is being pulled for supplemental math. How is that for some irony?

Benny Boy Benny approves Skateboarder Skateboarder, take 2

I just want them to remember. I want them to know. I did that for you. I was there. It was me. I let you slip into my bed at night. I held you in my lap. I took all the pictures. I made you wear the helmet. I made you ride rear-facing. I loved you, even when you weren't love-able. (Daddy does too. He just doesn't write about it for all the internet to read.)

Oh, I was there too. Chilling in my lap

Monster children or not. It's just what I do.


1.) If you are coming over from Emily's, Embrace the Camera, then welcome! Stay awhile! I'm doing a weekly series on Debt Freedom. Won't you please join me

2.) Also, the Livejournal commenting system sometimes sucks balls. If you can't get Open ID to work correctly, please leave your Blog URL as the subject line or some place in your message. I promise to come visit you too! ♥

3.) Bennett's 3 shirt is from my good friend, Chelse. She rocks my socks, yo.

4.) There is no four. I only like odd numbers when it comes to decorating.
June 2011 kids

Booger, booger

My friend, Emily, hosts a blog carnival each week called Embrace the Camera. The idea is that as Mothers, we should embrace the camera and step out in front of the lens and not always stay behind it.

I know this is true. I have every birthday, holiday, and major event recorded on my computer via my camera. However, I can count on one hand the number of pictures that I am in. It's not many.

So with that, I give you this: 
All together now  
Boo-yah. Me in front of the camera doing the whole arm stretched out, boys in my lap, smeared eye-liner, it's been a long day picture. We sat on the deck tonight and ate popsicles. Bennett spilled red Gatorade all over his shirt. Simon jumped and flipped on the trampoline.
Confession: when I am behind the camera and my boys refuse to look and smile, I resort to potty talk.

"Booger, booger, fart, fart, weiner head," always gets a laugh. It never ends around here. The poop talk will always be funny.
My boys
This is my life. I will embrace it.

As always, sometimes the LJ commenting system sucks balls. If you can't get Open Id to work correctly, PLEASE leave your blog URL in the subject line or some place in your comment. I promise to come visit your blog too! ♥ Of course, feel free to add me to your Google Reader. I'm funny. Right?

June 2011 kids

This Christmas

This Christmas, I hope that you've grown more than Bennett managed to do:

This Christmas, I hope you remembered to clean your face before the pictures started:

This Christmas, I hope you are more excited than you can stand.

This Christmas, I hope your stockings are filled.

And this Christmas, I hope, is your best Christmas yet.

Happiness and cheer all day long. Merry Christmas!