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Linky love

I originally planned to post some videos that are on my cheap ass smart phone. Videos of Simon reading. A super cute video of Cora creeping and sitting pretty. (How is it possible that she can now sit AND crawl?) But that smart phone? Is refusing to communicate with my computer.

I tried to get them to kiss and make up. But, alas, no videos for you.

Some smart phone I have.

So instead of boring you with my words, I thought I would share some words by other bloggers that I find interesting, inspiring, and/or impressive.

This article by Swistle made my head hurt. It's good advice to file away in the SHIT I HOPE NEVER HAPPENS part of my brain. Honestly, I would rather not ever have to think about protecting myself from an attacker. I can't imagine disobeying orders when faced with a gun or leaving my children behind. Another piece of good advice? Don't eat yellow snow.

My friend and personal birth photographer, Jana, is participating in NaPoBloMo as well. Stop by and give her some love.

CottonBabies is having a diaper clearance sale. Anybody who says they can't afford to cloth diaper is a liar. $10 diapers? Don't mind if I do. Use code BESTDEAL for an extra 5% off.

And now a shout-out to my favorite bloggers. They send traffic my way, so today I will return the favor. Jana, ChelseaChelse, Jami, Emily, Tara. I always read your posts first in my google reader.

Does this count? Heck, yes it does. 21 posts to go.

June 2011 kids

Not me Monday, week 19

Bow-chicka-wow-wow. It's Monday. I don't have anything creative to post about, so I'll just leave you with my Not Me's. If you want to play, head over to MckMama's house and read the rules first. 


I did not send Simon to kindergarten for the first time last week. I did not almost lose it and I did not resort to wearing my sunglasses in the building. Simon did not tell me to stop taking his picture. See this picture? I was not in the hallway. Simon is not saying "stop Mom" under his breath. He is also not shooing me away either.

Fat boy Bennett did not find another plug hidden in his room. He did not walk around with both in his mouth. Bennett is not two years old and he does not still have a pacifier. I did not try and take his plug away, only to give up and give it back. Nope, not me!

Lastly, my entire family did not visit the dentist this week. Simon does not have TWO cavities. Matt does not need a crown. I do not have NINE spots of decay. (And for the record, it had not been 4 years since my last visit.) I am not discouraged. This (really) does not help us get out of debt. I am not considering only working on Simon's teeth for the time being.

And just for the record, we are not just a bunch of dirty hippies that never go to the doctor or the dentist*. I just prefer the word "hippy" to describe my breastfeeding, cloth diapering, babywearing, super-green ways. 

Thanks for stopping by! If you are from Blogger, here are instructions for leaving a comment. I promise to come visit your blog too!

*Simon went to the dentist last year. I just hate going so I've put it off. I'm really not dirty, promise.
June 2011 kids

Not me Monday, week 18

It's everybody's favorite day of the week! The day when we publicly share all our dirty laundry. If you want to play along (and trust me- it's fun) then head on over to McKmama's house to read the rules first. I always follow the rules. So, let's begin!

My adorable, sweet, darling and innocent husband did not use his cell phone to record me snoring. First of all, I do not snore. Secondly, he did not take said recording and turn it into the ringer on his cellphone. I am not upset about this. He does not think he is the funniest thing to grace this Earth. I am not plotting my revenge. Any ideas??

Currently, I am not suffering from an eye stye. This is not a nice way of simply saying eye pimple. It does not hurt like crazy. I am not embarrassed and I am not refusing to leave the house unless I can wear sunglasses. Lastly, funny boy does not use his best Arnold Schwarzenegger voice to proclaim, "It's not a tumor" every time he sees me. 

Funny boy he is not. Hot boy he is not

And because I always have to include my kids, we did not hit up the county fair this weekend. Simon did not have the time of his life. Together we (because Daddy was not a wus) did not ride the Tornado. Throughout the entire ride he did not cry and ask, "When is going to be over? I don't like this! I want to stop, make it stop Mama!" When the ride did finally stop, he did not say, "Can we ride again?" Additionally he did not throw out a, "Pretty please with a cherry on top?" Nope, not my kid. He never gets anxious one minute and then happy the next.
 I will not insert a picture of cute kid here from the fair. You know, once my camera gets out of the car and once my car gets out of the tire place.

Well that was lots of fun! Thanks for reading! If you are visiting from Blogger, here are instructions for leaving a comment. I promise to come by and leave you some love too!
June 2011 kids

Cheater Cheater

Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin eater. It's Monday, so I should be writing out all my Not Me's. Except I'm not. Because I cheated this week. Because I'm lazy. Because it's hot outside.

Because I used Mr. Linky to link my Not Me's from last Monday.

So, if you are new here: WELCOME! Enjoy your stay, but don't forget to wipe your feet and leave me a comment. I love comments as much as the next girl. If you use Blogger, make sure you are currently logged in. Open ID is picky like that. Anyways, I promise to head over and leave you a comment too. 

Right after I get home from the swimming pool, washing diapers, visiting my Grandma, eating dinner, taking pictures, bathing children, telling bedtime stories, cleaning the house, dreaming reading about vampires and paying attention to the Mr. 

See you soon!
June 2011 kids

Not Me Monday!

Let's all play Not Me Monday today! It's not fun. It's not addicting. It's not anything that I would participate in or associate myself with anyways. But in case you do want to participate, click on over to MckMama's so that you can read the rules. I, for one, never break the rules.

First off, I am not breaking my blogging rules about blogging during the day when my children are awake so that I can not post extra early. I am not out to gain new readers and be earlier than link number 402. McKmama hasn't even opened up Mr. Linky and I'm not all over the Not Me's!

Simon did not miss his whole first week of summer preschool because of me. I did not write the dates down incorrectly. I did not show up this morning all excited only to learn that class actually started last Monday. Oops. Something like that would never happen to me cause I am way too organized for that. Nope, not me!

I have not been putting Bennett down for his nap, peeking in our bedroom to tell Matt I'm leaving, and then heading to the pool alone with Simon. This does not mean I can sit, bask in the sun, and watch Simon swim by himself go off the diving board 10,000 times. It is not the most relaxing thing ever. I do not love reading a magazine either, gasp, while Simon confidently swims and Bennett naps at home. Nope, not me!

Speaking of the pool, I did not lose my patience with naughty children. I did not yell at the naughty children about following the rules. I did not overhear Simon say, "Yeah! My Mom used to be a lifeguard!"

We are not kicking out our debt super fast. Since April 2008, we have not paid off $15,983 in credit payments. We will not make an $800.00 payment this month alone. We do not ONLY have roughly $11,000 to go. I am not pumped at all. I am not proud of my husband.

Alrighty then, I'm done. Bennett is now really napping, Simon is begging to go outside and I'm all not me'd out.

June 2011 kids

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday. Or almost Tuesday since I have an extremely bad habit of staying up way too late. But who cares?!? Cause it's that time of the week again. I vow that the following is not true. Nope, not one single word is true. Girl Scout Promise. Head over to McKmama's to read the rules and play along. It's not fun.

First and foremost, I did not willingly expose my children to chicken pox this past week. I did not call up my good friend and ask if my healthy boys could play with her sick one. Don't you all know that chicken pox is DEADLY and I would never, ever purposefully endanger my children by exposing them to a deadly virus? I'm not hoping my sweet children did in fact catch the chicken pox virus.

(Side note: in defending my actions to my sister, I ventured over to the CDC website. Did you know 1 in 1000 children have a seizure after the vaccine? And that 20% of children who receive the vaccine still catch Chicken Pox? I think I'll take my chances thankyouverymuch)

Matt did not back into a car this morning. This is not the second time we've backed into the. exact. same. car. The police officer was not extremely nice. He did not tell the guy "You are just asking for an accident by parking in the street behind a driveway." I did not secretly smirk and feel vindicated on the inside. Nope, not me.

I did not sit on the couch way too late tonight eating peanut butter and graham crackers. This might not be the reason I am blogging at 11:17 at night. This late night eating also might not be contributing to Lottle as well.

And lastly, I am not on a Diaper Fluff High. I have not been shopping for cloth diapers for Emily all week. I am not pleased as punch with my purchases and I can't wait to share. And cause I suck at keeping secrets, the following is not a preview:

June 2011 kids

Not Me Monday!

It's Monday! Or almost Tuesday cause I'm a little late on the post. But who really cares? Not me! Let's just take a little time and let me get some stuff off my chest. If you want to play, click yourself over to MckMama's and play along. I won't judge you for joining the fun.

Let's see. How about these guys? Remember them? Well they are not three months old now. I am not over the moon excited about their cuteness. I do not think that my family makes the. cutest. babies. ever. I do not think that every other baby is ugly compared to my beautiful children and my beautiful nephews. Nope, not me!

The boys and I did not sit outside in the garage and watch a thunderstorm this week. The thunderstorm was not capable of producing a tornado. I have not lived in Kansas long enough my entire life and I am no longer scared of tornados. A little blowing, thunder, lightening, and hail does not scare us. We most certainly did not let Bennett eat the hail as it came crashing into our garage. Besides, we were in our protected, tornado-safe area bathroom with our heads neatly tucked on our knees not watching the storm, remember? 

The night of the tornado threat, was not also the night of my birthday. Matt and I did not leave our children with the babysitter despite the warnings. We did not enjoy an awesome dinner, lovely walk down Mass Street, and we most certainly did not go shopping for a swimsuit. Nope, not me!

I did not have the best birthday week ever. I did not buy a super cute swimsuit. We did not spend way to much time and money landscaping our home this week either. We don't even own our home, so I would never insist on spending my birthday money on flowers. We are poor and a little white-trash.

See what I mean?

'Cause there is no way that naked, dirty, gross kid is mine.

Lastly, I don't love my hooky, funky, liberal little town. We did not spend the entire Saturday wandering the Farmer's Market, eating a super brunch, or catching this weird parade. Nope, not in Lawrence would you ever see a lady stuck inside a fish riding a moped, a car made out of old tires, or a super spaceship floating on the street. Here in the midwest, we don't know how to have any kind of fun.
June 2011 kids

Not Me Monday!

Bowchickawowwow. It's Monday and you know the only good thing about Mondays, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. I promise that none of the things I'm about to share with you happened. I wouldn't dare to even admit the truth to my husband, let alone the entire Internet.

If you wanna play hop skip jump click on over to MckMama's house and have a looksie. The rules and whatnot are listed. So go check it out. It's fun. I promise. 


I did not totally declare to Matt that Sunday begins, "The Very Special and Awesome Week of the Mama." You see, I am not spoiled in the fact that MOTHER'S DAY and MY BIRTHDAY fall in the same week. Spoiled? Me? No way. It's not my birthday week. So let's not bring on the party.

The whole "Week of the Mama," did not start on Sunday by me kicking Matt and saying "It's Mother's Day. Get Ben." I did not then promptly roll back over and I most certainly did not go back to sleep. The whole "Week of the Mama," did not continue into today by wearing a Princess Crown to work today. I am way more mature than that. I am not wearing said Princess crown again tomorrow. Nope. Too mature for that.

I am not looking forward to my special birthday/date night with Matty, sans kids on Friday either. I am not planning on purchasing a swimsuit on our date. I don't get excited every year in May because POOL SEASON IS ALMOST HERE. I am not crazy about tanning, swimming, or being outside during the summer either.

And speaking of swimsuits, I most certainly was not caught by Matt sunbathing on our trampoline this week. You know, the illegal trampoline that we are not supposed to have up. And besides, I told you already: I am too mature for something like that. Being caught outside, in my swimsuit, on a trampoline. Nope, not me.

In other non-birthday related news, I am not currently waging a war against ants in my kitchen. I do not have four ant traps in various places. Matt did not spend 20 mintutes spraying down the kitchen with ant killer. First of all, I am a "Live and Let Live" kind of person. I (honestly) do not like to kill things. Secondly, because I am not so green and Mother-Earthly, I would never believe in using chemicals and poison in my house to kill God's special creatures. But ants in my kitchen? Don't bring on the toxins!

And because a blog post is not worthy without a picture and because I am not obsessed with cloth diapering, I am not compelled to show off Bennett's cute butt and his new to me diaper. Now, if only the Birthday Fairy queen would send me money so I can purchase my dream camera already. I promise to not be happy.

Last one, I promise! Matt and I are not currently betting on when Simon loses his first tooth. Simon's tooth is not completly loose and ready to fall out. I am not heartbroken over this. I do not believe that the ugly stage is almost upon poor Simon. I have the cutest kids ever. They will never be ugly.
June 2011 kids

Not Me Monday!

Oh yeah, it's back: the weekly blog carnival in which I simply tell it like it is. No sugar coating, no rainbows and kittens, just the cold hard facts of things that I did not do. Things that did not happen in my house. And especially things that MY boys would never do.

If you wanna play, head on over to MckMama's House to read the rules. And good gravy this carnival has gotten popular. I just hopped on over to the site to see that 759 people have already participated today. I am not proud to admit that I started playing along back in October.


I have not become obsessed with studying the daily stats on my blog. Did you know that I average 40 people a day reading my words? My highest day being 101 hits? What's that? Your blog gets 157,000 hits a day? You don't care about my wimpy 40 per day? Oh, not me either. I don't care one bit.

I am not totally disappointed in myself for not entering the Goodmama photo contest this week. I did not have the exact same idea as the winner. Unfortunately I ran out of time, so I did not enter. But don't worry, I'm not bitter.

I did not convince Matt that setting up the trampoline was a good idea by simply going through the middle man. You see, it's not against our lease agreement to have a trampoline. It's not a $100 fine if we get caught. So I did not send out my adorable five year old to kindly ask the lawn mower man if he minded.

And I am not completely over the moon excited to tell Simon to GO OUTSIDE and jump now. I am not pleased as punch for getting my way. It's safe to say that generally rules do not apply to me. Besides, it is easier to ask forgiveness instead of permission. No?

Lastly, my cute pregnant BFF and I did not enjoy a super cheap family night of bowling. I did not stick a bowling ball up my shirt and pretend to be pregnant. Pregnancy was horrible for me and I'm not wishing I was. Nope, not me!


June 2011 kids

Not Me Monday!

Too proud to admit your mistakes? Embarrassed about something that didn't happened this week?  Like to pretend that you are perfect? Then "Not Me!" is the blog carnival for you. Feel free to play along with MckMama.

*I do not feel like a proud mother- knowing that I have converted two fellow blog members into being more green. I know, I am awesome. Seriously, more people need to check out the Diva Cup and the wonders of cloth diapers.

*I was not reading my email when I hear Matt shouting- "Get off the computer and clean the POOP off the floor." I had not just undressed the baby, left him to run around naked and then proceed to sit down at the computer. This did not result in Bennett pooping ON THE FLOOR. Nope, not in this house.

*While I was not cleaning the poop off Bennett's butt and hands, I did not hear Matt shout- "The DOG JUST ATE THE POOP OFF THE FLOOR!"

*I did not laugh hysterically and think to myself 'sweet, now I don't have to touch it!" Nope, not me!

*I did not think about snapping a picture of said poop and dog- because as we all know- a blog post isn't worthy without supporting pictures but then changed my mind. Cause who really wants to look at my kids poop?