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June 2011 kids

Sad and happy

Yay! Spring is almost here! I made it through my very, very least favorite time of year. What is good about January and February? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

It was a good winter though especially because we had like ZERO inches of snow. We also made it through without any major illnesses. We had a few colds but nothing that was deadly. Simon hasn't even taken a single sick day all year. Knock on wood.

Speaking of sickness, this kid was sick today. He was a sad, sad panda bear.

After starting the day at 6:00 am with some screaming (and more screaming through breakfast), I called and got him an appointment at the doctor. By 9:00, we were there and waiting for her to confirm my suspicions. Forty-five (45!) (with a baby!) (and a screaming kid!) minutes later, I learned what I already knew.

Double ear infection for the win. Or, really, not a win at all. His very first ear infection. Bennett is my always happy, silly, perfectly content to play by himself, easy going little boy. Not today. Today he was crying, clingy, and a couch napper. Two naps, actually. He broke my heart. After his second nap, he rallied a bit and ate a big dinner. I am hoping that he can make it through the night and feels much better tomorrow.

Tomorrow is March 1st and the high is supposed to be 70 degrees.

Happy boy
Oh, happy day.  

June 2011 kids


If you are on my Facebook, you would know that tonight I enjoyed a glass of wine while frying bacon. Except I didn't really fry the bacon, Matt did. I just watched and sipped the wine. The image that I posted didn't really match reality. The bacon was good though and so was the wine.

I've felt off all day long. It started late last night and, deep down inside, I felt like something was wrong. Instead of believing in my body, I refused to listen and willed myself out of my symptoms. I went to school because that is what I do. After school, I called my sister and I talked to my neighbor. I didn't listen to either. Later I went to the pharmacy, signed in to see the nurse, signed out before my appointment, and went home.

Who does that? Oh, that's right. I do.

All throughout the day, I put other people before myself. I worry about the children that I am working with at school. I think about my baby at home. I pump too fast so that I can eat lunch with Simon. I buckle carseats and practice math problems without much patience when I get home. I feel silly thinking something is wrong. I refuse to make the appointment. People don't need to wait on me. My family can't eat dinner without me. I talk myself down and continue to ignore. It's what I do.

Now I've traded in my red wine for cranberry juice. It's not nearly as fun but it is exactly what the doctor ordered. The doctor that I went to see that also wrote a script for a 3-day antibiotic. The doctor that 'liked' my Facebook picture. I should have brought her some wine.

Today the words that I post really do match reality. This time anyways.  

Just Write. 21 posts down, only 9 to go.
June 2011 kids

Sing with me, fevers


I tried to get a video of Simon singing. But he kept saying "Schools OVER for the summer." It was cute but I'm overly critical and so no video for you. He was kinda being whiny about it and he wouldn't look at me.

It was like he was annoyed that his Mama had the camera in his face.

So, no more school for the next six weeks. I have to teach a week and a half of summer school starting in the middle of July but that's it. My plans include sleeping, swimming, and staying off the computer.

(Or trying to anyway).

Simon is taking an art class on Monday and Wednesday mornings. He's excited and so am I.

The boys have been sick around here (again). Both have been running fevers with a cough. It's so annoying. I thought for sure we had Swine flu and that we were all going to die. Then I remembered that I refuse to believe in scare tactics. And so instead I just held my babies, took their temperatures frequently and enjoyed the extra cuddles.


Anxiety and the kid

The circus is tonight. Simon should be at school instead of jumping around with excitement and bothering me and my computer time. He's also supposed to be lying on the couch watching a movie.

Why? Cause he's sick.

Except he's not sick. He's just fine. It started while we were pulling out of the driveway towards preschool. He got the look: red face, whiny voice, fear in his eyes while wiggling in his carseat.

"I'm gonna throw up Mama. I don't wanna throw up. My tummy hurts."

"Do you want me to stop? Do you need to go inside? Are you sure you just don't need to poop?"

(Enter eye roll here, please)

So, I stop while Simon runs inside. He poops but then proceeds to say that he can't possibly go to school because he might  throw up. Simon loves school but hates throwing up. Long story short, Simon has anxiety about throwing up and I take full responsibility for it. It started 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Ben. I threw up a lot. I threw up in the car, at school (with Simon), at home, in the kitchen sink, out with friends, all the time for 20 weeks. It was terrible.

Simon witnessed this all. The times when he did get sick made everything worse. He was fearful of eating and refused to eat at restaurants or school. I was on maternity leave during this time, so Simon went to school without me. It was very hard on him.

Things have slowly gotten better over time. However, certain smells, seeing another person throw up, or being super hungry sends Simon over the edge. The fear enters his eyes and we go through the whole thing again. The worrying and apprehension set in. We talk through it. He gets better. He doesn't throw up.

And in his little corner of the world, all is fine again.

Which is a good thing cause I'd hate to miss the circus, the greatest show on Earth.


Me and B

Saving the world, one cloth diapered butt at a time

Our friends came over last week, and it took about 10 minutes (maybe, sorta a slight exaggeration) before I had sweet Ty baby in a cloth diaper. He didn't seem to mind in the least.

Ty and Bennett are only about 6 weeks apart but it appears that Ty is much older. Not only is Ty more verbal and bigger, but also his gross motor skills are incredible. He walks up and down stairs, climbs on all the beds, and can jump with 2 feet off the floor! Bennett has a lot of catching up to do.

Anyways, Bennett didn't really think it was time for a photo shoot, and was not having any part of it. This was right before I realized how sick he was going to get. But the good Lord knows I have enough pictures of his cloth butt anyway.
And some other pictures of our cute kids together! May of last year, Halloween, and our girls trip for Coach purses. I love how much Bennett looks like a fat toad.

We are still sick around here and I'm about to scream. Matt has been fighting a temperature, cough, and sore throat since February started. He broke down and went to the doctor today. Mono test came back negative but the doctor ordered in an antibiotic to see if that helps elevate his symptoms. He also started throwing up tonight. Lovely.

And speaking of throwing up, I might just do it too if I don't eat something. I'm off for a $5 footlong and Matt's medicine.

June 2011 kids


A backed into a car this morning. I wanted to storm over to the neighbor's house and yell at them to not park directly behind my driveway. I was always so embarrassed whenever my Dad did this to my friends. The fricken bummer needs repaired and the neighbor's car door is dented in. Anybody got $250.00 to spare so that I can pay the deductible?

Bennett threw up 5 times today. Projectile vomit into the kitchen sink, all of the kitchen floor, in his crib, in the garage and 1 itty bitty bit in the toilet. Cause of course the smallest bit has to make it into the toilet while the projectile goes all over the wall, floor, and the sink.

The good news? Matt doesn't have to work tonight and wasn't too mad about the car. Now we are off to watch Grey's and Private Practice.

Just a little thing

You know that little sore I mentioned? The one that I can push through? The one little sore that is not going to prevent me from giving up nursing my 18th month old? Well, it turns out I have a BACTERIAL INFECTION on my nipple.

Go ahead and consider me the "queen of TMI."

A nice little sore that is cracked, oozing, red, and swollen. A nice little sore that causes me to yelp in pain whenever anything touches my chest. I'm hoping that a round of antibiotics plus a cream will do the trick. If I make it to the Merc, I'll also add in some probiotics.

Until then, I'm officially calling my own nursing strike. We made it through night #1 without milk straight from the tap. Luckily I have about 5 bags in the freezer.

And you all know my policy, a great blog post isn't quality without a supporting picture.

And no, I'm not going to show you my nipple.

Sweet baby, last January. 6 months old and still learning to sit up.

June 2011 kids

Alive, just barely

The flu has officially kicked my butt. I have had a temperature around 101,  lots of coughing, a runny nose, zero appetite, and I've been sleeping non-stop.

And cause every cloud has a silver lining, I've lost 4 lbs.

I'm feeling better though. I managed to take a bath and blow dry my hair. Those who know me, know this is a big deal. The kids have runny noses and I am praying that they don't get sick too. Matt has done 99% of kid duty.

And cause I'm not one to overshare, I have a sore on my boob. Nursing has been super painful and I'm wondering if this is the end of our nursing relationship.  We've almost made it to my goal of  no-less-than-18 months (4 more days) and I am super proud of that fact. We made it through teething, through moving, and through me working part-time. I dunno- if we stop I know I'll be sad. I don't want Bennett to grow up. I also know that I am stronger than 1 sore nip. I can push through the pain.

The benefits of nursing continue until the age of 2 and beyond, in case you don't believe me.
Computer fix

Playing catch up with Pictures

Simon is at school (taken there by Matt), Bennett is sleeping, and I'm getting my computer fix in. We have all be slightly sick this week, with me bearing the brunt of it. I think I have a sinus infection which means lots of nose blowing and aching teeth. The weather was nasty and cold yesterday (and on top of being sick) means that I haven't left the house since Monday.

Bennett hasn't been in that great of a mood either. He's teething and so I broke out the amber necklace and that seemed to help. Can you see the teeth causing all the trouble? I'm a little concerned: the teeth coming in have a big space to fill. I guess it's better to have too much room, then not enough. Right, Tara?
Here is Simon acting like Bennett. Pretty good, huh? I should switch these pictures around. Bennett is actually laughing at Simon.

Let' see. We've also been busy playing in the house. Or better yet, the boys play while I sleep on Simon's bed. I break up the fights and calm the tears and then everybody is happy again.
It's always best to play in your underwear as well. 
I also finished my Christmas decorating and we watched it snow. It's been way too cold to go outside.Lucky for us, we have had the fireplace going almost non-stop. I'm slightly worried that our gas bill is going to be higher this month. It's just so nice to sit next to the fireplace and be warm though.
Bennett's thighs are too fat for his babylegs.

I haven't done a single bit of Christmas shopping or baking yet. We planned to go shopping on Tuesday but didn't make it. I'm thinking maybe this weekend if we can find somebody to watch the boys. I also have 6 dozen cookies that need to be made for Simon's Bake sale. I probably should be get started making the dough while I have some peace and quiet.

June 2011 kids

What the crap?

So, I added a button on my page and it messed up my counter. That annoys me. I guess I can change my journal style now that my counter has started over. Boohoo.

Simon and Bennett both have colds. Simon is pretty good about blowing his nose (finally). Bennett, on the other hand, constantly has snot running into his mouth. He refuses (screams and cries) to let me wipe it. Bright, green nastiness that runs right into his mouth. Yuck.

We watched KunFu Panda tonight and ate pizza. I tried to feed Bennett pizza (and peaches, spaghetti o's, and a nutriagrain bar) but he wouldn't eat. I'm sure it is because of his cold. I am pretty sure that KunFu and Nutriagrain are misspelled too. Oh well.

No plans for the weekend. Matt's working tonight and I'm hoping to sleep in tomorrow morning. I left a bowl, spoon, and the cereal box out for Simon. Aren't I such a good Mama? I left the remote on the table too. Peace out.