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June 2011 kids

Love language

A few weeks ago, like all good time wasted on the Internet, I was clicking around and happened to find a quiz on love languages. For those unfamiliar with the book, Love Languages, the most basic idea is that we all give love and feel loved different ways.

We can feel loved through: words of affirmation, quality time, receiving gifts, acts of service, and/or physical touch.

Here go take the quiz now: The 5 Love Languages

September 2012 081

While I already had an idea of how I feel loved (quality time! receiving gifts!), I was completely surprised by what Matt reported to me. You know that I was going to force him to take the quiz, right? I had to know! What if I could love him a different way that didn't involve thethingweshallnotmetion since this is a family blog and my most regular readers include my family. 

(When I say "my most regular readers" I mean "my entire extended family.")

Anyways, without revealing too much personal information, I am LOVING how this new found knowledge has changed my relationship with Matt for the better. For example, if you popped into our kitchen, you might hear me say something like, "Matt, you did a great job unloading the dishwasher."

Or after eating supper, "I really like how you made a happy plate, darling."

Or perhaps when he gets dressed for work, "Bow-chicka-wow-wow," might slip off my lips.

Or after arriving safely at the grocery store, "Wow! Thanks for driving us to run errands without causing any accidents! You're such a good driver."

September 2012 082

Or my all time favorite, "I can't wait to blog about this. I get to use my words to tell the whole world how much I love you. I just bet you're going to love it."

June 2011 kids

Extra leaves, extra blessings

So 9 years and one week ago, I got married. Would you just look at those little love birds? One of us looks about 12. The other one is getting close to 30. I'll let you guess who is who. HINT: I'M NOT EVEN THIRTY YET.  It's hard to believe that we were both once so young and carefree.

9 (NINE!) years ago, I married this young chicken.

The anniversary gift for the ninth year is "willow." While we first talked about planting an actual tree together, we instead settled on a family tree for inside the house. I originally saw this print in my sister in law's kitchen. So, props to Tara for her good taste. Like any good copy-cat, I custom ordered my own print from the Etsy shop, CozyBlue


When I posted this picture on Facebook, there were many comments about the extra leaves. Yes, FINE. I did choose to add a few extra leaves. Can I imagine our family with FIVE children? Absolutely not. Do I want twins? HEAVEN HELP ME. (My family already has two sets of twins.) Can I completely give up the idea of NOT adding another sweet, beautiful, and perfect blessing to our family? No, no I can't. Benefit of having babies so young? I could (hypothetically) have five more kids and not even be 40 years old yet. 


Twitch, twitch goes my ovaries.

Next year, our marriage will be in the double digits. I'm hoping I get a honeymoon to a far, far, far away beach with no children and many fruity drinks. I never got a honeymoon. Something about being 12 years old with a nursing newborn while being a full-time student at KU and a husband with no money? I don't know.

All I know is that I never got a honeymoon with my main squeeze.


I also know that for my 10th anniversary, I don't want any babies nor do I want to be growing any babies. I can't promise as much for the 11th, however. Or that we don't happen to accidentally make one while on our tropical escape. It would be a crime not to try.

I love you, MTP. My love for you is no joke even when you refuse to help me write blog posts. Read more lovey-dovey thoughts here: Ball 'n' Chain, Seven, SIX, and a picture of my gift from 2008. We've come so far, babe. Also, the time is NOW to start saving for our honeymoon. Got it?  Just hide the cash where I can't find it and we'll be good to go.  

Enter "thnx4bingu" in the box at checkout and receive 15% off your order from CozyBlue. You're welcome.

June 2011 kids

Lordy, lordy

I guess I struggle in writing a Father's Day post because I've said it all before. My kids have the best Dad ever. No, really. They do. Matt is patient and kind and everything that I am not.

Most importantly, he works so hard to adequately provide for our family. He's not famous and nobody knows him around L-town. He's not invited to big parties or followed by 10,000 people on Instagram. It's not what he desires in his heart.

Daddy and C

I am speaking for him (when aren't I?) but I truly believe he mostly desires a happy home. He wants me to be happy. He wants children that are happy. He does not care when they are bouncing off the walls or sliding down the stairs (I do). He isn't constantly worried about what others are thinking or how our boys are behaving (I am always).

He is comfortable with himself. I guess that comes with age? (I'm sorry. I can't help myself.)

He is also so proud of our children.


And, most importantly, he makes me infinitely happy too.


Read other Father's Day posts here: Humdinger in 2011, Father's Day in 2010, This is... in 2009 (a poem! Man, I should write more poems.)

I am feeling inspired. Heaven help me.

Matthew Thomas Pool
is so cool.

He is rather old
but don't tell him I told.

In fact, he's getting close to forty.
Oh Lordy!!

His wife is hot
and he loves her a lot.

She writes poems for him to express her devotion.
and he puts the motion in the ocean.

I'll stop now because my Mother is shaking her head
and it's high time I went to bed.

I love you so very much, MTP.
Aren't you so very glad you have me?

June 2011 kids

Summer bucket list

After careful thought and consideration, I have come to the realization that we must some day have another baby. (In the far, far away future.) Just look at Bennett. He looks EXACTLY like his Daddy. Conversely, look at Simon and Cora. They look just like me. We must have another baby to even the score for Team Matt.

It's only fair, after all.

Family picture

In other non-related news, school is out for the summer! Yay! No more early mornings! No more spelling tests! No more substituting for me! I big puffy heart love summer time. However, I do not love wild, bored children who complain that there is nothing to do. So the other day during supper, we collectively created a summer bucket list. If you are asking yourself, "what is a summer bucket list?" Have no fear. I am here to help. A summer bucket list is a list of activities, places to go, and other ideas to keep the children from killing each other. Every time we complete something on the list, we cross it off.

Genius. I am a genius.

We might have been a little too ambitious, but here goes:

-Go to Legoland/Sealife KC
-Go camping at Clinton Lake and/or Jellystone
-Pitch a tent and sleep in the backyard
-Throw Simon a 9th birthday party (OMG.)
-Throw Bennett a 5th birthday party (OMG again.)
-Visit the Topeka zoo
-Go swimming LOTS
-Have Friday Night Movie Night 5 times
-Make a giant slip and slide and have a party (You are all invited.)
-Picnic at a different park 1x a week
-Go to Sylas and Maddies 3 times (Ice cream store.)
-Go to Tads 3 times (Snow cone trailer.) (Ha.)
-Go to Orange Leaf 3 times (Froyo store.)
-Do (at least) 1 Final Friday downtown
-Do (at least) 1 Music in the park
-Send S&B to Wichita by themselves (!!!)
-Send S&B to Great Bend by themselves (!!!!)
-Attend VBS
-Go Bowling twice
-Make Daddy go off the high dive at the pool
-Finish the Library Summer Reading Program
-Read aloud/listen to Harry Potter books #6 & 7 (Currently on book #5)
-Eat free lunch Fridays at Hillcrest school

There you have it. Let the Summer-o-fun 2012 begin. I am hoping to cross send S&B to Great Bend by themselves very soon. We are headed to GB for Memorial weekend and then I am hoping, praying, and crossing my fingers that the boys will want to stay behind for a few days. We'll see. My kids aren't too fond of being way.

So any fun summer plans for my readers? Are you looking to unload your kids at Grandma's house too? Anything we need to add to our list?

Let it be known that make a baby is no where on that list.

June 2011 kids

True fact

A few weeks ago, Matt went with Bennett to preschool for a special Daddy event. The main shebang involved each child introducing their Dad to the class and answering a few questions together.


Here is what Mini-Matt Bennett had to say about his smashingly handsome Daddy:

My Dad's name is    Matt   . He is    25    years old. (Har, har. Hee. Hee.) His favorite food is    spaghetti   . My Dad's favorite color is    black  . (Both true facts.) When I'm at preschool my Dad    is a policeman   . (Sorta. He is a policeman for the naughty kids in jail.) I love to play    wresting    with my Dad. (Much to my dismay.)

What I love most about my Dad is   he lets me sleep in his room sometimes  . (FALSE.)

Um, excuse me? Does he not remember that Matt works at night?

This should really say MOM LETS ME SLEEP IN HER ROOM. Because when Bennett says "Dad lets me" he truly means "I sneak in when Mom is dead to the world." (I would say "when Mom is snoring" but we all know that I don't snore. I am too much a lady for something like that.)

It goes like this: first he turns on his bedroom light, then the bathroom light, and then the hallway light. After a quick potty break, he grabs two blankets from the hall closet and stumbles into my room where he quickly turns on the master bathroom light. Next he walks back down the hall for his pillow and puppy. Finally he come backs to my room, snuggles down on the floor, and promptly goes back to sleep without making a peep.

When I wake up for the 18th time to nurse the 11 MONTH OLD baby who is already in my bed, I find every single light on upstairs and a peacefully sleeping kid on the floor who took care of his own problem without having to wake me up. Thanks be to God. Apparently he can learn.

Now we just need to work on his number sense. 

25? Hardy, har har. True fact.

June 2011 kids

Happy birthday!

It is a special day here at the Pool house. Matty Daddy is another year old and that much closer to forty! Yay? YAY!

Who puts the old in old school? HE DOES. OH MY WORD.

And oh, despite his ripe age of 36, how do we love him and his gray hairs? In more ways than I can count. It goes without saying that he is the BEST Daddy in the whole world though. Not even kidding. He puts all other dads to shame. I'll tell you a secret: the boys like him more than me. Who wouldn't?

Christmas 2011

Cora is a pretty smitten kitten too. As evidenced by the fact that she reserves her open mouth, snotty kisses just for him. Lucky guy.

We love Daddy2

We love Daddy4

I like that you keep me young, MTP. I will forever and ever always be the young hot wife. AMEN. This really was my plan all along. Marry some old rich (HAR, HAR) guy and then I could poke fun at him forever. It is working out nicely. It is always fun to be the youngest person in the group too. I love it.

My hope is that we have another year full of love and lots of laughter. You make my life better and I don't want to spend it with anyone other than you. Mostly because you let me sleep in the morning and always bring me drinks when I am thirsty. Of course, you also made my life 10,000 times better by giving me some very beautiful babies. I do hope, however, that you don't bring me any more this year. Our house is full enough for now, don't you think? 

Happy birthday, love. I hope that you are having a great day in Atlanta and am sad that we aren't actually together now. I have busy plans for today, however. Plans to go shopping with your money and surprises to plan for when you get back. We're going to have a great weekend. 

Love you, Old Balls birthday boy.

You can read past birthday wishes: here is 2011, 2010, and even wayyyy back 2009.

June 2011 kids

One is the loneliest number

I survived night number two without Matt's help in picking up Simon from school, entertaining the children, feeding the children supper, cleaning up after the children, bathing the children, reading to the children, and safely tucking the children into their beds.

Two nights alone. Three more nights to go. 

Pray that everyone survives the witching hours and remember to appreciate all the help spouses provide, please? I had to rock Cora Jane to sleep THREE times before I slipped away to the solitude of downstairs. The only sound I hear now is the hum of the baby monitor. I fought the urge to text Matt earlier and yell at him. His job provides for our family.

Two silly boys, one adorable baby girl, a big yellow shedding dog, a beautiful house, and a husband who loves me. I have it all.
 February 2011 042

This picture is slightly out of focus but it so accurately depicts my baby- attached and on my hip at all times. I can not walk out of the room without listening to her scream in protest. My Mom likes to point out that this is exactly what I wanted: a child who needs and wants me.

Yes, perhaps. I also want a small moment of peace to poop in privacy.

Life is beautiful. Sometimes, right in the middle of all that is going on, I forget that the end result does not often match the picture we imagined for ourselves. When Bennett is whining about washing his hair and Simon is asking for medicine because he doesn't feel good (again) and Cora is crying because I put her down, I have to pause and take a deep breath. A big, big pause. It doesn't help to yell.

Or text Matt profanity.

Three more nights and he'll be back from Atlanta. It's hard to be without my partner.

June 2011 kids


After living with his cheap, red, plastic, slide-y telephone FOREVER, Matt finally decided to cash in and upgrade his cell phone. He's probably had the same phone for at least 3 years. At least. Now Matt is the fancy new owner of a (free!) (refurbished!) iPhone. And here I thought I was special with my cheap myTouch smart phone. I am nothing compared to Matt with his iPhone with apps and everything. Where is my husband and what have you done with him?

I will tell you what, Words with Friends (aka Scrabble, Mom) (She totally isn't going to get this post) is fun. Words with Your Husband is even more fun. Good thing he's not afraid of a good spanking.

In the game, of course.

Anyways, in an effort to always keep up with The Joneses, he (we) are now on Instagram. I am @thepools if you just can't get enough of my beautiful baby and handsome boys and all the fun things we do. We do a lot of fun things around here, oh yes we do. Don't believe Simon when he says he's bored.

For example, last week we went to Monster Jam. I told the boys that Cora and I would go but ONLY if they understood that eventually they will have to go watch Disney Princess on Ice. I am nothing if not fair in my sexual stereotypes.

Skillet wag

Monster Jam

It's so loud!

The Girls

I believe that we should give those Monster Trucks a handclap of praise. They were loud and it was (honestly) sorta fun to watch. What's not to love about spending the whole day with my people though? I mean, except for all the flying dirt, extremely loud noise, and boys with big beer bellies.  

Also deserving a handclap of praise is Matt. Although he is yet to win a game of Words with Friends against me, he hasn't quit trying.

Good job, boys. Good job.

June 2011 kids

Merry Christmas {cards}.

Well, he won. Matt thought we needed a Christmas card with a family picture, so I found a {cheap} photographer and had family pictures taken. I realize that most people have already seen these pictures on Facebook, so apologies. Whatever. Welcome to my first world problems.

Anwways, 40 bucks later and this is what we got:
Family pictures

My babies

Winners, right? Wrong. Remember the Christmas card that I wanted to order last week? That Matt didn't like? Last night I sat down to finally order the cards. Except that we still do everything with cash and we spent the cash {on cheap photographers and clothes and haircuts}. Well, Friday is payday. YAY! However, if you are keeping track at home, then you already know that Friday is December 16th. BOO! If it takes 5 days to receive the order, then the cards wouldn't arrive until the 21st OF DECEMBER. What I am basically saying is NO CHRISTMAS CARD THIS YEAR. AGAIN.

Merry {fricking} Christmas, Matt. Tis the season to be jolly. FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA.

Bet you are glad you won now. Enjoy the dog house.
June 2011 kids

Somebody call Security.

Not all the time, but a lot of the time, he can be such a pain in my ass. Take, for example, the fact that right now he's making me watch FOX news. I asked him to change it and you know what he did? HE TURNED IT UP.

And you think you have problems. Welcome to my life. FYI: He just crop dusted me too. 
What's that, Britney?
Britney Spears