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June 2011 kids

Color me fantastic

Another weekend, another fun activity. Last week, it was the Color Run. Basically you wear all white and run through color stations where volunteers throw colored cornstarch all over your body. If you are thinking that sounds crazy, then you are right. We paid people to make us dirty while RUNNING.

It's like I don't even know myself. Who is this person that signed up to run and simultaneously get messy? Those who know me well know that I don't run (or exercise). Ever. I'm also not a big fan of the dirty. Dirty doesn't work with OCD. So running and getting dirty? I KNOW.

Regardless, if I could sum up the fun in four short words: it was a blast.

Super excited! #colorrun #lawrence

color run 009

color run 035

color run 046

color run 052

(We tried to keep Cora covered LEST she ingest cornstarch into her precious lungs. She didn't mind at all and did great until the end. I think she only fell apart because it was stinkin' COLD outside.)

color run 054

That, my friends, was super duper fun. #colorrun #lawrence

The Color Run boasts that it is, "the happiest 5K on the planet" and they aren't joking.

Pending you don't mind running (aka WALKING) and getting dirty at the same time. 

June 2011 kids

Lawrence 2012 Zombie Walk

When Simon was a baby, "dress up like zombies and walk down the street," didn't even cross my mind as a family fun activity. Don't get me wrong. I mean, we've thought about zombies and we totally have a plan of action in the event that zombies attack.

(Head to the foothills of the Colorado mountains and live off my oldest sister's pantry and deep freezer.)
(Sister could feed us for months.) 
(Friends, not zombies, welcome.)

But dress up like a zombie and pretend to be one? Walk with hundreds and hundreds of other zombies down Mass street?

Nope, definitely not.  

#zombiewalk #boys

We had rules, back in like '06, of all the things we didn't want SImon to do. No toy guns. No swords. No talking about scary things. No bloody Halloween costumes. No violent TV shows, only PBS cartoons. My how things change.

(In my head, I'm saying this like I'm 80 years old and bunched over my cane. My hair is silver. "Back in Aught Six, we had rules! We had toy guns but none of them fancy things you have now! In Twelve, we dressed up like zombies for fun!")

zombiewalk 002

(Corn syrup blood. Read: a sticky, sticky mess.)
zombiewalk 012

zombiewalk 021

zombiewalk 014

zombiewalk 018

This was the only picture I managed to get of the actual walk. My camera died but picture hundreds of people dressed and dragging their limbs behind them.

zombiewalk 025

Good American fun, right? Good thing it's no longer Aught Six. The old Mother in me would have been terrified of the prospect.

June 2011 kids

Airshow 2012

Last weekend, we went to the Air Show in Wichita. It was a whirl-wind 24 hour visit. We went down to Wichita on Friday night and after nice, quiet naps in the van, not a single kiddo was tired. SHOCKING. We finally got everyone to bed around midnight and then the boys were up by 6:30 am on Saturday.


They were just a wee bit excited. Mama doesn't do 6:30 am but Grandma and Grandpa do! Yay for that.

Awesome air show. Unless you, like Cora, are afraid of loud noises.

I should have realized that Cora wasn't going to dig the loud noises. She HATED the Fourth of July so it really shouldn't have surprised me that gigantic airplanes would cause the same reaction. Mom fail for not thinking this through.

Sad baby was sad.

2012-09-30 End of September 2012

Bennett didn't really dig it so much either. He was fine and certainly didn't cry and if you ask him now, he'll say that he loved the airshow. But it truthfully was a little bit much for him too, especially the end.

End of September 2012 111

2012-09-30 End of September 20121

End of September 2012 077

End of September 2012 122

Grandpa's are good for tired boys.

The End. Have a happy Friday, friends!

June 2011 kids

Over it

We had such a good weekend. A road trip to Wichita on Friday, the air show with family on Saturday, a trip to the pumpkin patch, my favorite friends over on Sunday, and beautiful weather to boot. I wish every weekend could be this jam packed and full of goodness.

To the up-coming week: bring it on. My cup is (currently) over-flowing.

End of September 2012 019

I never used to relate to "finally Friday" comments or jokes. When you stay home all day with kids, every day is work and weekends are nothing but the same. But now that I am working? I totally get it. I so look forward to the weekends with my family.

Only 5 more days until we can do it all over again.

June 2011 kids

Debby downer

Last night, Matt said to me, "Remember when you used to blog?" Um, about that. Here is the thing- my blogging has taken a backseat to the Olympics. Why sit behind the computer when I can watch gymnastics or beach volleyball? And along those same lines, I have also given up "photography."  Who needs an expensive fancy camera when I can just use my cell phone? 

Lame excuse, I know. My apologies to the 10 readers I have out there.

Anyways, the other day (or two weeks ago WHATEVER) we played on a slippin' slide. When I say "we" I really mean "not me" because you know this Big Mama has no desire to throw herself down and slide across wet plastic. It makes my boobies hurt just thinking about it.

July 2012 066

July 2012 067

It was like bowling for babies. Cora refused to stay out of the way.

July 2012 057

July 2012 061

July 2012 085

If there is ever a time when I become depressed, it is now. I love spring and summer. Love it. March through August is my happy time and I live for my daily dose of sunshine. Don't get me wrong, however, I will be the parent SKIPPING OUT OF THE CLASSROOM this time next week.

It just makes my heart sad that summer is almost over.

June 2011 kids


After living with his cheap, red, plastic, slide-y telephone FOREVER, Matt finally decided to cash in and upgrade his cell phone. He's probably had the same phone for at least 3 years. At least. Now Matt is the fancy new owner of a (free!) (refurbished!) iPhone. And here I thought I was special with my cheap myTouch smart phone. I am nothing compared to Matt with his iPhone with apps and everything. Where is my husband and what have you done with him?

I will tell you what, Words with Friends (aka Scrabble, Mom) (She totally isn't going to get this post) is fun. Words with Your Husband is even more fun. Good thing he's not afraid of a good spanking.

In the game, of course.

Anyways, in an effort to always keep up with The Joneses, he (we) are now on Instagram. I am @thepools if you just can't get enough of my beautiful baby and handsome boys and all the fun things we do. We do a lot of fun things around here, oh yes we do. Don't believe Simon when he says he's bored.

For example, last week we went to Monster Jam. I told the boys that Cora and I would go but ONLY if they understood that eventually they will have to go watch Disney Princess on Ice. I am nothing if not fair in my sexual stereotypes.

Skillet wag

Monster Jam

It's so loud!

The Girls

I believe that we should give those Monster Trucks a handclap of praise. They were loud and it was (honestly) sorta fun to watch. What's not to love about spending the whole day with my people though? I mean, except for all the flying dirt, extremely loud noise, and boys with big beer bellies.  

Also deserving a handclap of praise is Matt. Although he is yet to win a game of Words with Friends against me, he hasn't quit trying.

Good job, boys. Good job.

June 2011 kids

Reunion recap.

Hey, did I mention that my 10 year high school reunion was last week? I didn't?

Hallelujah and amen. It's over.

The end.


Just kidding! See, here's the thing. I go home to Great Bend and I hide at my parent's house. I don't go to the grocery store. I don't hang out at the bar. I park on the other side at Sonic, just in case I see somebody I know. (What? Your home town Sonic doesn't have a cool side?) So the idea of specifically traveling 3 hours to make small talk with people from high school was FREAKING ME OUT. FOR REALS.

Overall it was fine. Seriously. I got my panties in a bunch for no good reason. My only complaint is that the DJ sucked and I felt like THE MOM of the group who complained about the too loud music. TURN THAT MUSIC DOWN RIGHT NOW!

Most of the conversations involved four things: who you married, where you live, where you work, and if you have kids. Good news for me, I've got the basics covered. It helps that I have a blog that was mentioned no less than 10 times. Thanks for reading, friends from high school.  

My girls

I got to see two of my oldest and bestest friends, Jana and Megan. We spent a good portion of the weekend together and had lots of fun. I am excited because after spending 10 years in Chicago, Megan (and Scott and baby E) have moved back to Kansas. Jana is also expecting baby #2. I'm so glad that I've kept real (not just on Facebook) touch with them.

IM and Me

Matt was a trooper through the whole thing. He told me that I looked good. He made small talk. He refilled my drink. He took the pictures that we all laughed about. Most importantly, he took the 'old balls' jokes like a man. I'm so glad that he was at my side the whole time. 

So there you go. I survived my 10 year high school reunion.

I probably won't be back in Great Bend until the holidays. If you happen to see me at Sonic, feel free to wave.

I'll be on the cool side.

June 2011 kids

Liar, liar. Pants on fire.

I lied in my last post. We had one more shindig. One more festive throw-down before we are forced to maintain a normal schedule and be thrown out of bed before 9:00am. The end of summer? You can't bring us down. We are balls to the walls kind of people. No easing the pain around here.

We'll take every late night, every impromptu trip, every last drop of what you have to offer.

We were unexpectedly gifted a free one night stay in a hotel room. Now, before you get excited in anticipation of Pool, Party of 6, know that we had the children with us. MUST PROTECT THE CHILDREN. Or more appropriately, must protect AGAINST more children. I'm not saying that children aren't a blessing from the Lord. I'm just saying that I... Nevermind.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

Also? We slept in separate beds. (Two beds. 5 people. You do the math.)

Where was I? Summer impromptu trips are the best. One full night of swimming, pizza, putt-putt and a night away for free. It was fun and just what we needed before the inevitable return of fall. I wish it wasn't so but it is truth. 

Summer has been so good to us. So ridiculously, incredibly, extremely, enter another adveb here, good to us. I can't help but wonder if this is the best time in my life. This time of boys and baseball games, babies and big bows, and busy, busy schedules. Young and in love. Surrounded by my family.

This is it, right? This has to be because it can't get much better. 

 Britneys wedding 091

Britneys wedding 079-2 

Benny boy 
Britneys wedding 081-1

Be good to us, fall. This probably is the best and most blessed time of my life.

And I'm not lying.
June 2011 kids

Bet your boots

Yesterday we went to Topeka, Kansas and visited the new Discovery Center. The Children's Discovery Center is a child-orientated, hands-on building designed to enhance the learning of little ones. From interactive exhibits, to Legos, to wall painting, to woodworking- the Discovery Center has it all.

Or, in simpler terms, it's a kick-ass play place. 

While we were there, the building was hosting a Milk for Thought event. Milk for Thought is a nation-wide program designed to bring together and provide support for breastfeeding mothers. It was created to bring encouragement to new moms, change cultural attitudes, and provide advocacy for the breastfeeding community. It's the little things- like knowing that others have gone before me and others will nurse after me. Together we can make a change because confidence grows in groups. (MFT also provided a scale and Miss Thing is 11 lbs, 10 oz.)  Love it.

I know what you are thinking. Coincidence? Hell no. You bet your boobs boots that I drug my family over to Topeka so that I could participate in the Latch On Event. It's all about being sly. Come on, boys! It will be fun! A whole afternoon of playing and touching crap that I would never let you do at home! And don't forget, it's only 100 million degrees outside!  Let them be young, right?

Related: Sneaky? Yes. Worth it? Yes. (Stop judging me. You know you bribe your kids too.)   

Another advantage of our adventure out of the house? I just happened to make it on the big, ole fancy TV.

My big debut- starring myself and the gorgeous Cora Jane.

Now I'm sure that nobody cares but my Mother. (And before you get overly excited, Mom, I didn't actually get to speak.) But if you click that link then you'll get to see me in 3-D. (I'M A REAL PERSON!) The camera panned across the room and focused on me and Cora for 10 whole seconds. My boobs and my babywearing baby will make me famous. Just wait.

I am just annoyed that I forgot to wear my tie-dye dress, hemp necklaces, and strappy sandals.

Next time, kids, next time.

Peace out.
June 2011 kids

Happy times

My family (and extended family) are here for the weekend because my grandparents are moving into a new apartment. 16 years of living in the same house = lots of junk. It's sad, really. They want to give things away that nobody wants. Crockpot from 1995? Christmas decorations? No, thank you.

My family is also here to see Cora Jane. Who wouldn't want to drive 3+ hours to see this beautiful face? 

2 weeks 
Cora is two weeks old today. Nursing is going great, finally. She was up to 7 lbs last Monday and I'm sure she's gained more weight since then. Eat, sleep, and poop are her main goals. I would like it if she worked a little harder at sleeping at night. She was up last night at 12:30, 2:30, 4:00 and 5:30. I'm not sure she even went back to sleep after 5:30. Luckily, since Grandma was here, she took over Cora duty at 7:30.

Today we are off to Shawnee Mission Park. An afternoon of fishing, playing, and grilling sounds like the perfect end to our semi-stressful, not much sleeping weekend. Packing and moving can wait another day. For now we are off to enjoy some sun.

may 25 027
Happy holiday weekend, friends. I swear I'll blog the birth story this week.